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freedomfighter, Sacramentofreedomfighter, Sacramento
freedomfighter, Sacramento

I think it is too late. I have heard for years that people need to have arms to defend themselves against tyrannical government. But these people have refused to use their arms and slowly the arms have been taken away. Soon we are going to be left with pellet guns and the government will have drones and aerial surveillance. Our own soldiers won't be able to revolt to protect us since they will be fighting against programmed weapons and robotic controlled jets, rockets, drones, tanks. It is over folks and it is going to get worse. It all started with the evil Lincoln. He wanted a strong federal government. He won. The states lost power. Ever since the federal power has been growing. It won't stop until it controls you, your child (you'll only be allowed one) everything you own, where you live, when you are allowed to travel (sound familiar--it's communism, that's where this is headed).

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