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www.SaveTheGuns.com, Shapleigh, Mainewww.SaveTheGuns.com, Shapleigh, Maine
www.SaveTheGuns.com, Shapleigh, Maine

In my opinion, this is a five-star quote. Our state and ferderal governments are already in the stage mentioned in the latter portion of the quote. The colossal number of prohibitions, ordinances, laws and regulatory agencies in our government have made true liberty virtually impossible. It is nearly infeasible for a citizen to go through a normal day without violating a single law, regulation or local ordinance. Marc Richardson www.SaveTheGuns.com

www.SaveTheGuns.com, Shapleigh, Maine

Banning Dianne Feinstein from the floor of the United States Senate, would make all lawful, honest and upright gun owners feel safer.

www.SaveTheGuns.com, Shapleigh, Maine

In my opinion if the First Amendment means anything, it should protect the ability of anyone to say anything constructive about a candidate for political office within ninety (90) days of an election cycle, which has been recently breached by the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform legislation that protects incumbents from the free speech of the people.

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