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“Character is the accumulated confidence that individual men and women acquire from years of doing the right thing, over and over again, even when they don't feel like it. People with character understand that their lives are filled with events and choices that are significant, above all, not because of the short term success or failure of the search for money or position, but because the choices we make are actually making us into one kind of person, or another. Our life of choices is a life-long labor to make ourselves into a person who has begun to respond adequately to the awesome gift we received from God when He made us in His image.”

Alan KeyesAlan Keyes
~ Alan Keyes

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Anonymous, Chicago

Sounds like Alan Keyes is Pro-Choice!

Ronw13, Oregon
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Ronw13, Oregon Anonymous, Chicago 12/10/19

Keyes is anything but pro-choice, Mexico city policy. called out Obama as a "radical communist". 

E Archer, NYC


Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Eloquent, elegant and utterly irreproachable.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer and Henry, said well - I second that.

Robert, Somewhere in America

Loved it, until he got to God and all the image stuff, hence the four stars.

Ronw13, Oregon
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Ronw13, Oregon Robert, Somewhere in America 12/10/19

At least Keyes is smart enough to look to something other than self. A man of deep conviction. 


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