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“You know, being black doesn’t give you a license to call people racist any more than being Jewish gives you license to call people anti-Semitic.”

Alan DershowitzAlan Dershowitz
~ Alan Dershowitz

Responding to Congresswoman Maxine Waters' 'racist' claims, “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Aug 6, 2017

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Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident. I being (all the categories I fall into) have NO license to falsely defame any one or thing. "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."

Tony, Silver Spring, Md

Racism, Nazi comparisons are being made so routinely only proves ignorance and simultaneously diminishes the impact when real discrimination exists.

E Archer, NYC

It's amazing how flippantly people are being called racist.  Who does that?  Talk about hate speech.  Calling someone a racist IS racist!  It is an attack  an offensive act.  And how does one defend against such an attack? "Hey, I'm not racist!" Honestly, how does one define racism?  Who is the judge?  And what is the crime?  I am hated by racists  what do they want from me?  Love? Because of their 'oppression'? 

'Colored people' fought against segregation  now 'people of color' are demanding it.  It looks to me to be nothing more than trying to stir up trouble and controversy to distract from the purposes of their unseen handlers.  It's classic political science.  Having grown up in the big city, I am able to make distinctions between personalities, character, and culture  race has little to do with it.  There are nice kids and mean kids  race is not a factor.  There are people you like and people you don't  usually because of their actions and attitudes, not race.  If you do not like a person who calls people 'racist' you take the risk of being called a racist for not liking them.  Has it ever occurred to those screaming obscenities with the calls of racism that they perhaps are not likable due to their actions rather than their skin tone?  It's nothing but a cover for saying 'f*** you.'

bruski, Naples

Right on!


Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    6/19/18

Playing the race card, when all else fails, seeing kids will take most anything and run with it, is the mode of operation of a Mob mentality in its death throws. Manipulation of young impressionable minds, and unsuspecting so-called adults. Seeing many knee jerk to race baiting, thriving on hate rather than logic and reason. Disruption of a social conditioning, ( dependent mentality ) resulting in the election of President Trump. Adult's have returned/ and are returning to Leadership positions nationally and globally. Possibilities are endless with prosperity when the right motivation is applied.

Jack, Phoenix

No one needs license or a license to do that, Alan, as you very well know. Issues of defamation apply but it is no more improper to call an actual racist a racist than it is to call Harvey Weinberger a sexual predator. I'm not black but it is still my absolute right, and even duty, to call out racism ,and antisemitism, whenever I see it.

It is amazing how ardently racists resist these simple First Amendment, common sense truths. Snowflakes, anyone?

E Archer, NYC

Jack, it is neither a right nor a duty to call people to task for their opinions.  Should you option to do so, you must bear the consequences of making such accusations.  What gives you the moral high ground to put people on the defensive for nothing other than offending you (who are neither Jewish or black)?  You've been enrolled into the PC Police.  People who call others 'racist' are being the accuser, judge, and jury  the 'racist' is guilty, with no defense acceptable.  You have no 'right' to accuse people of what you believe are their prejudices  you only expose your own. You are trying to start a fight, nothing more.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In this day, characteristically, it is the most virulently racially minded among us who, to advance their totalitarian ideology animated agendas, reflexly resort to invoking the specter of the racism of any whom they esteem to be their political opponents.

In America and Europe, a device that is the unfailing refuge of scoundrels.


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