Albert CamusAlbert Camus, (1913-1960) French Algerian author

Albert Camus Quote

“Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.”

Albert CamusAlbert Camus
~ Albert Camus

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Respect and fear are inherently incompatible... but the sentiment is right.

Mike, Norwalk

Respect here is not an honorable aspect but rather means: to avoid violation of, or interference with. In conjunction with the quote, respect for arbitrary speed limits, victimless crimes of all types, income tax as currently perpetrated, etc. are all despicably based on fear.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The mafia is respect based on fear, as is our government. They cry terrorist, then tell us how they will protect us for a trillion dollars.

E Archer, NYC

It all depends on which side you are on. It is not uncommon to mistake fear for respect. Is the fear of Hell respect for Heaven? Hardly.

Valerie, Klamath Falls Oregon

Gangs think that they are respected when it is just fear that gets people to do what the gang wants them to do.

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

Nothing is more despicable than those who create fear...


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