Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein, (1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921

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“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
~ Albert Einstein

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Mike, Norwalk

There is an anathematizing expose' on Amerika from the "ditto heads" to the "hard ballers". It is a real good thing the grass roots liberty movement is growing.

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    12/9/11

Thus, we find ourselves in this mess. All i can say is i didnt vote for him.

J Carlton, Calgary

Mike is right. This particular problem knows no party affiliation, it is general and ingrained across the spectrum. How else can you explain an American Police agency smuggling guns to criminals? I was just doing my job? Not to mention the obvious cover up from Holder & Co. They are as complicit in murder as the Nazi's who were "just doing their job" of putting Jews into ovens. This crap has got to stop!

Red Wolf
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Red Wolf    12/9/11

This is exactly the sort of thing I believe in. It's a pity that there are Americans who are still willing to submit to authority.

Winston Smith, Anytown USA

I knew a school teacher who was a Monetary Realist and he said there is a book on the subject of respecting authority. You will understand this once you have been jailed for an imaginary crime as I and hundreds of others have been.

E Archer, NYC

I doubt we'll hear from Waffler on this one. He always argues for obedience to authority for the collective good. 'Question Authority'


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