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“No age is unique in producing privileged persons who can happily dichotomize condemnation of their society and enjoyment of its fruits. The eighteenth century had its landau liberals as the nineteenth would have its carriage Communists.”

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Robert, Sarasato

Totally without reason or intelligence – its blatant statements like this that encourages greed and apathy in the world. So the privileged are to remain quiet unless they are poor and downtrodden.

helorat, Milton

Very reasoned and intelligent quote. Methinks the quote might cut a little to close to the bone for socialists who resides in America, milking the fairest form of economics ever devised, capitalism, for all it is worth, while condeming it and their country for being unfair because lazy incompetents are not wealthy.

E Archer, NYC

Makes sense to me -- people complaining, and blaming, all the while taking no responsibiity and enjoying the fruits of others Hypocrisy is alive and well in America.

Ken, Allyn, WA

...and the twentieth century had its limousine liberals, and the twenty-first its Soros progressives. Some things never change.

Ron w13, Or

It tis nice to have a bit of sunshine in the room, now and then. Makes the day, a bit brighter on these cloudy days. Well be said from, helorat, Milton.

jim k, austin tx

Agree with Ken and Archer.

Ron w13, Or

Put a servant on a horse, he will ride away a king, As with a limousine.


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