Anthony de JasayAnthony de Jasay, (1925- ) Hungarian writer

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“People who live in states have as a rule never experienced the state of nature and vice-versa, and have no practical possibility of moving from the one to the other ... On what grounds, then, do people form hypotheses about the relative merits of state and state of nature? ... My contention here is that preferences for political arrangements of society are to a large extent produced by these very arrangements, so that political institutions are either addictive like some drugs, or allergy-inducing like some others, or both, for they may be one thing for some people and the other for others.”

Anthony de JasayAnthony de Jasay
~ Anthony de Jasay

The State (Oxford: Basic Blackwell, 1985)

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Those on welfare are addicted to political institutions. I'm alergic to them.

E Archer, NYC

Indeed, those indoctrinated into dependency will defend their serfdom. But there will be some among them for whom the socialist model just does not fit, yet find themselves trapped with a needle in the arm that society will not let them take out.

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EGL, LA    2/5/07

Not so well expressed, but this could be an interesting tangient to pursue-the model of nature in comparison and contrast to the social organization of society.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

mindless babble...


a good poet and a nice poem

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Archer hits the nail on the head ! There are two types with sub-components. At first to help a few, alluring always in tough times, whens means are narrowed. Some just want, others just need.


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