Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini, (1883-1945) Italian dictator during WW2, founder of Italian Fascism, 'Il Duce'

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“Democracy is talking itself to death. The people do not know what they want; they do not know what is the best for them. There is too much foolishness, too much lost motion. I have stopped the talk and the nonsense. I am a man of action. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.”

Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini
~ Benito Mussolini

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E Archer, NYC

The failures of democratic socialism do indeed lead to fascist/totalitarian governments if the people do not wake up to the inalienable rights of humankind and the responsibilities of Liberty that come with it. When the people treat their government like a perpetual parent-guardian, the result will always be perpetual dependence and the 'legal' estalishment of despotism.

Maggie, Hamburg

Look who's talking!

My Name, Your Town,USA.

Let's break down this quote:"The people do not know what they want.They do not know what is best for them". I Strongly disagree with that sentence! "There is too much foolishness.Too much lost motion".I agree with that sentence. "Democracy,in practice, is a fallacy".There is Truth to that sentence but ask yourself WHY that sentence is true.I say that sentence is true because of the BOZO's in the drivers seat of Democracy!!!!!

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Anonymous    3/13/08

This infamous and insightful "statesman" received what he deserved for such high minded thinking , the wrath of his countrymen who kicked his corpse down the street. Perhaps some of our brilliant "statesmen" can take a lesson. Your site had a similar quote recently about our "leader's" view of our Constitution. History repeating itself?

Bob Mulroy, Eugene, OR

While all Republics fail democratically, a democracy of educated people, restrained by a strong constitution will outlive any coercive society. (As we did his.)

Paul, Union WA

E Archer gives the words that point to the problem: we do not viscerally understand that "democratic socialism" is not that far from "fascism/totalitarianism" to begin with. It makes little difference to me that the citizenry voted to take my wealth or make me behave per their vote, or if a fascism govt did it. The outcome is the same, and in neither case did they have the moral right to loot what is mine. Only when we finally burn the fact that democracy is mobocracy into our thick skulls will any real change happen. Until then, we are just little piggies voting ourselves goodies from our neighbor's wealth and sweat. We allow dictators to get seated only because we think the pathway to the trough will be even faster to travel.

warren, olathe

Good example of how socialists think. Our "leader's" view of our constitution that you are talking about "Anonymous" was a fictitious quote that was created for propaganda purposes by liars that would truly fit in the mind set of Benito Mussolini. Those pieces of crap are generated in order to confuse and anger people so as to not notice the true threats we face.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Mussolini was a fascist, which is much akin to socialism/communism. The main results of both are basically the same, except that fascism typically mandates and forces under penalty that the citizens be individually responsible for themselves, and socialism/communism mandates under penalty that everyone be responsible for everyone else. Each system seeks to establish responsibility-- one system through the individual and one through the community. The communal system will naturally be more Democratic, because it deals with social pressures that operate under a paradigm that can only be resolved through a majority consensus. While many countries have used our Constitution to frame their own, no other Constitution has been built on the premise that ours was built on. Every following Constitution after ours dictated to the people what their rights, duties, and privileges were; whereas our Constitution was a declaration from the people in telling the government what our unalienable rights, duties, and privileges were, as given to us by our "Creator," that could NEVER be encroached upon by the government. This foundation of government is unique and has not been established by any other government to-date. Why? Because they, like most Americans anymore, do not understand the principles of a Republic whereupon our government was built. From an international level of analysis, political scientists can measure the dichotomy of European Democracy and ill-called American Democracy. As I have mentioned before, as I recently talked with the EU ambassador to the United States, John Bruton, concerning European Democracy and the American Republic, he made it very obvious that America's system of federalism (a "Republic," he called it) cannot be defined as a Democracy-- especially under the auspice of European Democracy. Mussolini was a great fascist, as far as fascism goes, but a poor political scientist in comparative politics. Mussolini is comparing the American Republic to European Democracy. Whereas the people of Europe, who, even under their Constitutions, were given their rights from their government-- the American people, under their Constitution, TOLD the government what THEIR rights were! I would certainly agree with Mussolini if he were talking about European Democracy; however, in speaking of the American people, he is completely off base. Furthermore, there is evidence, as per the date of this quote that he is speaking to America concerning their involvement in WWI. If he were speaking of the idealism of European Democracy and irony of the United States involvement-- this would also make sense.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Logan, Memphis, TN 12/21/18

Excellent distinction between the American republican form of government with the Constitution being a charter for the government, whereas European (and the new Iraqi) Constitutions are declarations of the State as the supreme power and the people subject to regulation  they have no inalienable rights, you won't find that phrase anywhere else.

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RobertSRQ    3/13/08

Please you guys - Democratic conservatism is more allied with fascism than socialism. Socialism began because workers were being screwed by capitalists and things haven’t changed one bit. No matter what system you have if it’s not compassionate and considerate of its people interests it will fail - the key is benevolence.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC RobertSRQ 12/21/18

Socialism began with the communist movement  basically the monopoly of labor to hold commerce at ransom and prevent competition.  Job security at the point of a gun.  Labor unions have a sordid history of racketeering and are organized like mafiosa. It's just another form of theft and intimidation.  Because of labor unions, the fields of medicine and law have been hijacked and now operate with impunity while being treated as 'experts' and 'authorities' as effective monopolies.  As a result, medical and legal costs are enormous.  Natural medicine and the common law have been practically eliminated from schools, and are quite literally 'illegal' to practice.  It's actually the 'institutionalism' of Americans.

jim kilpatrick, austin, tx

Actually, Benito was not a socialist , but a facist instead. Fascism is not of the "right' but is of the "left". Liberals are always saying that Mussolini and Hitler were of the far right , but they were actually far lefties. Check out the book, "Liberal Facism" and find all about Benito and Adolph, it's a real education.

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    Anonymous    3/15/08

    After Musolini's car struck and killed a child, he said, "What is the life of one in the affairs of state?." Bush must have had the same thoughts on 9/11 but on a greater scale

    A.Jurgensen, Stuart FL

    H.L. Mencken might agree with Mussolini. Mencken opined that a democrat's distiguishing mark is the fact that he always attacks his opponents, not only with arms, but also with snorts and objugations - that he is always filled with moral indignation - that he is incapable of imagining honor in an antagonist, and hence incapble of honor himself. Such fellow I do not like. I do not share their emotion. I can't understand their indignation, their choler. In particular, I can't fathom their envy. And so I'm against them.

    warren, olathe

    He is right up to the point of calling America a democracy. A democracy is a form of a socialist/fascist system. No attempt at democracy has ever worked. Fascism would actually be better. At least you would have a chance at having a benevolent dictator. At least for a little while.

    The Thinker

    It is unfortunate that no one really understands Fascism in America. If you study Fascism you'll understand it is not left or right but CANTER. National socialism and communism are indeed both to the left and America itself is slightly right. If you think that a majority is correct because it is a majority then you can indeed say that this republic is correct, but if you believe that there should be a leader who can be blamed for his victories and failures through a moral consensus then you are indeed a Fascist. We should not be quick to blame Mussolini as he raised Italy from being a 3rd world country to a world power. I will remind you that italy is smaller than California... and not by a little.

    SlightyDaft, Fremont

    Where was this quote from?


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