Bill ClintonBill Clinton, [William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President

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“There's just no such thing as truth when it comes to him. He just says whatever sounds good and worries about it after the election.”

Bill ClintonBill Clinton
~ Bill Clinton

as presidential candidate describing his opponent, George Bush, Sr. (Quoted in the American Spectator, 10/28/92)

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a christian republican

Are you talking about yourself Bill?

Lisa Nolland, Bristol UK

Excuse me, Bill! Sounds too familiar here -

Jo Ann, Texas

Wow, look who is talking. I thought it was somebody talking about Bill Clinton

KH, Kansas

HE speaketh of the true nature of any politician, not just on Bush's reelection campaign

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AJ    11/22/08
cal, lewisville, tx

They don't call him "Slick Willy" for nothing!

jim k, austin

Clinton only lied when his lips were moving.

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    RBESRQ    8/3/09

    I see this as a ruse... not worth comment

    Bob, Eugene, OR

    Projection is an ugly thing.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    One liar describing another ...

    warren, olathe

    Typical Dem. Projection and lies, all they know. The truth would set them free of their jobs.

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      RBESRQ    8/3/09

      The Republicans are a curse to the globe, nothing but terrorists disguised as freedom fighters. Since WWII the US has supported nearly all right wing dictatorships and in many cases have forced out democratically elected leaders - we are a scourge waiting to be cleansed.

      Marv Graham, West Columbia, SC

      This is the ultimate case of the "Pot calling the Kettle Black!"

      Juggs, Any Town

      About truth, I want to take this opportunity to mention that a claim that Hitlary had given China eminent domain as security for the debt US owes them. It is entirely false. I did a Scopes on it and Fact Check, and seems a fellow named Hal something or other, who has plastered other false alarms on radio and internet, started this rumor several months ago. I just wanted to let you folks know that was something that I initially passed on to others and now feel very embarrased about doing that. I actually picked it up from Mike in Norwalk. Carlton questioned it but I saw no response. Anyone who was worried about that, forget it, and sleep well.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      Thanks Juggs, for doing the leg work.

      Waffler, Smith

      Clinton is right on! Bush said "Read my lips no new taxes" and then got elected and raised taxes. Clinton said elect me and I will sign the Brady Bill. He was and he did. Clinton was the most intellectually courageous men ever in the White House. Bush I and II were just the opposite!

      An American for Freedom according to our Bill of Rights, C. Washington

      We haven't had a decent President since JFK. He tried to stop these crooks and well!!!

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        Anon    4/16/10

        It doesn't matter who says it, if it's true, the truth will come out.


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