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“In the 1950’s [America was] the richest nation, the richest city on earth was Detroit. They voted for change and so now it is the poorest city in America. At the same time, the nation of South Korea, of all the nations on earth, was third from the bottom. Virtually the poorest nation on earth. It is now tenth from the top. If you understand the principle, the greater freedom, the greater the wealth, you can then put any nation [on this chart]. Now you can go to Tagusagopos, you can go to Buenos Aires, you can go to Cairo, you can go to Philadelphia and all you need to know is what percentage of the Gross Domestic Product is controlled by government, and the greater the government, the greater the poverty, and that’s all politics is about. Every day politicians say, “I can make a better decision for you than you can for yourself, and let me take your money away from you and make it on your behalf” and thus make the nation poorer.”

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charley, denver, colorado

The heart of the issue. Money declares your freedom or slavery. Not so much how one spends it. Rather how one justifies taking it away and spending it on the behalf of another in the name of good will.

J Carlton, Calgary

Government has grown to a point in this country that gaurantees the nations demise. We are in fact headed towards being a full blown Police State.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Our nation has survived this long in spite of our government, not because of it. The termites, however, are busy day and night working to destroy what's left of this once great nation.

J. Allen, Arlington, Va

Worth going to the link and reading the entire piece. Well done.

cal, lewisville, tx

This is the problem. Will DC ever allow the solution?

Mike, Norwalk

a good observation

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

The "observation" has no relationship to reality... nothing new here for a congressman who is elected to represent the rich.

Waffler, Smith

Barf! I believe that South Korea, like Japan are highly intergrated, government involved, societies. His suggestion that their success is due to some kind of total individual type of freedom is I believe wrong. Now we have a rising success story in China, would he claim that their success is due to a lack of goverment. Barf, and double barf to this BS.

J Carlton, Calgary

waffler, if you'd care to inform yourself...China is experiencing major civil unrest and may be on the verge of civil war. And are you seriously trying to credit "government" with innovation and're just too funny. Government is a parasite that produces exactly "zero".

E Archer, NYC

The crux of McEwen's argument is this, that our government has morphed into: "I can make a better decision for you than you can for yourself, and let me take your money away from you and spend it on your behalf." This is racketeering. This is NOT what our free republic was founded upon. How come every time the lefties say 'tax the rich' we all get poorer? I still can't believe they put their trust in these crooks. McEwen's comments are right on. Have you seen his videos? Google McEwen Politics Is Easy as P.I.E.

Byron, Fort Collins

@charley, J.Carlton, Amen. Bush's lax stewardship allowed for Obama's election, and Obama has accelerated America's decline as his full-steam-ahead first priority. We need Hermain Cain or Ron Paul in 2012!

J Carlton, Calgary

Byron- Fielding the RINO McCain certainly helped get the Kenyan elected too. Not to mention the welfare class that is on the verge of outnumbering the working class.

Waffler, Smith

Carlton in the early 1800's people like you argued in Congress against building a road from Charleston, W. Va. to Columbus, Ohio. You would have been against government giving rail right of ways to the railroads, Interstate Highways, going to the moon etc, You would have been against the government of Spain sending Columbus to find China. You are a short sighted fellow indeed who understands nothing about the history of the human race.

Waffler, Smith

Carlton if you would care to inform yourself about government and industry and especially in reference to South Korea I suggest you research the following Korean laws and or acts. The "Automobile Industry Promotion Act of 1962" and the "Automobile Industry Protection Act" about the same time. You might like to then visit the "Automobile Indsutry Rationalization Act" of later years. South Korea was mightily helped in their endeavours by Ford, GM and Renault. Now Korean car compaigns have returned the favor bestowed upon them by their government and Western car companies by building cars in Alabama and Georgia. Your shallow thinking that all of these things just happen without being aided and abetted by society at large (aka government) or the beneficent help of others is just to well shallow.


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