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“Do we still recognize [the Constitution of the United States of America] as the basis of our system of government in America, or not? Do we still have a constitution that guarantees our unalienable rights as the sovereign citizens of a great and free nation, or not? Do we have a federal government and state governments that honor and defend the fundamental principles of equal justice, due process or law, the right to life, liberty, and property - the principles that represent the very foundation of our constitutional form of government, or not? We the People have a right to know the truth. We have a right to know if we still have a Constitution.”

~ Bob Schultz

Citizens' Truth -in-Taxation Hearing, Washington D.C. 2/27-28/02 - 'New York Times' 2/10/02

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Bruce, 'Bama-Roll Tide

How did Mr. Schultz ever get to be founder of such an organization if he did not know the answer to this question? You would think he at least should know his own mind on the subject? It sounds like that Greek play by Aristophanes where a guy goes around talking to the clouds.

Eric, Wichita

Well DUH Bob!! The answer is YES. Now moving along pal....

E Archer, NYC

Yes, well, it may seem obvious to some, but Bob Shulz can't get the government to answer a simple redress of grievances related to the authority of the IRS. He makes some very well-researched arguments and still petitions the government to state where in the Law does the IRS get its authority to tax people's labors. So far the answers have been spurious at best, and his legal battles have brought many inconsistencies to light. He has my full support.

Mike, Norwalk

The de facto democracy that now plagues this nation is so severe that the above questions have merit. I know of no Constitutional guarantees, including unalienable rights, that have not been trampled on. The individual is no longer sovereign as allodial freehold is no longer recognized, and compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, theft of the noble laborer's fruits, forced charity - ID - insurance, denied habeas corpus, etc., etc., etc. are all rampant. No government bodies are consistent with defending fundamental principles of equal justice, due process or law, or the right to life, liberty, and/or property. We still have a Constitution but it is almost unrecognizable as to original intent and the law of Nature's God.

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

The Constitution is MORIBUND. It's most vital second is ignored (Art.1, Sec.10). While it limits states to making any Thing but gold and silver coins a tender in payment of debt, there is no branch of government paying anyone for anything and this section proscribes zoning laws, license laws, rent controls and legal tender laws. We regularly hear about "law enforcement" but the police will not enforce the law that requires them to be paid with gold and silver coins! This section detemines who is master and who is servant depending if it is enforced or ignored.

bonbon, Andrews

The answer is no. The Constitution is being completely ignored. Where does it say that I must pay for the irresonsible actrions of others? Where does it say I'm forced to give my money to numerous organizations that our founders never heard of? We are supposed to be a nation of freedoms. Where have those freedoms gone? I'm forced to support the drug habits of others..I'm forced to pay the consequences brought on by the amoral and irresponsible actions of others. That isn't freedom. That's bondage. I don't mind feeding the hungry but it is despicable that I have to give my earnings to bring those who will not take responsibility up to my standard of living. If I were wealthy I would be giving at least 44 percent of my earnings! Unbelievable! Stealing is wrong whether robbed at gunpoint or allowing the government do it. Buying votes has become more important than the rights of citizens.

warren, olathe

Do we have a population worthy of the constitution is the proper question.

warren, olathe

Bonbon, Andrews well said. A thief is a thief.

Anonymous, Hudson Falls, NY

1) The US Const. established the structure and function of US govt. 2) The Const. states NOTHING about "unalienable rights." 3) "Equal justice, due process" as are other rights mentioned would be idillic. However, in FACT, these "rights" have become increasingly and directly proportional to one's ability to pay for them w/ money - horribly UNEQUAL. The evidence of that in our lives is overwhelming - and often deliberately made worse by those who can afford to buy govt. in this MONIED ARISTOCRACY. For those who detest the abuses of govt., do they prefer the gangsterism of the bankrollers? Would they prefer a return to the days prior to govt. intervention - the days of poverty and wage slavery "freedom" for "We the [vast majority of] people [?]"


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