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“The greatest Glory of a free-born People, Is to transmit that Freedom to their Children.”

~ William Havard

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Joe, Rochester, MI

One of my goals is to build an understanding in my daughter of the liberties we still retain and, more importantly, those we have lost.

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Publius    5/10/11

We must remember that complete liberty is not inherited. Liberty is always only one generation from extinction; it does not unconditionally flow through our veins. If we wish to preserve freedom for ourselves we must pay the price that it requires. Only then can we pass the torch of freedom to our children. It is then their responsibility to keep it burning. Whatever society emerges in this land, it will receive the government that it deserves. If it accepts its responsibility and does its duty, it will earn freedom; if not, it will be punished with tyranny and oppression. John Adams once said that once liberty is completely lost, it can never be regained. I hope that he is wrong and I pray that we never have to find out.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Transmitting freedom to our children doesn't include having them sing songs of worship to Obama in school classrooms.

Mike, Norwalk

That glory faded with great grand parents. I now teach my children the principles of freedom that one day they may be instrumental in their re-application.

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    Abigail    5/10/11

    We are working on that daily, and with your help....we may succeed. There are great programs to take your children to if you lack skill. There is a Constitution Day, Constitution and Country, and many Republican Women's clubs teach the history of our Nation...the real history...you must look these history filled events up...they won't get it at the July 4th Parade...most bystanders won't even accept a US Constitution when offered as they walk by...that has been my experience. It is the second greatest book(let) ever written.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    5 stars for the quote and 5 more to each of the commenters above.

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    Anonymous    5/10/11

    He forgot to mention about scorning hate mongers like the Tea Parties, who teach hate and ignorance to children, but even without it is still a great quote.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Actually we need to scorn Communist Liberals and Obamunistas for being the anti-Americans that they are. Thank God, that patriotic groups like the multi-racial American Tea Party are bringing freedom and Liberty to the forefront once again. Death to Commies. :) God knows we've given enough blood to fight them...

    E Archer, NYC

    Parents pretty much have to do this on their own as few institutions teach the principles of Freedom.

    Richard, Goodyear, Arizona

    Parents are responsible for their children's education.Not institutions

    jim k, Austin, Tx

    Amen to J Carlton and is anonymous a complete idiot or just a fellow traveler, or maybe a real card carrying communist.

    watchman 13, USA

    How well said Publius, I can only wonder at your depth of perception. From generation to generation the knowledge is passed on. But one set at liberty being a rebellious child would become a wise young person. Trying the borders of their domain. Seeking after that which good is. Nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth. A child set at true liberty by the God of nature would have a great responsibility when realized by the person as to their calling.
    Against great odds and risk of life is this knowledge passed from generation to generation. Ones heart must be prepared.
    Purposed in and by understanding, not of your own but by him that calleth .

    Mary - MI
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    Mary - MI    12/19/13

    Anonymous - No wonder you remain anonymous, because I would not want to be known for being ever so full of ignorance as you surely display in your vitriolic and UN-knowledgable fog of the unknown.
    Kudos to all of you above steadfast patriots who are posting and standing tall for all of our liberties, freedoms, truths and our nation's ONLY Supreme Rule of Law. Excelsior!

    Cal, Lewisville, TX

    What freedom and liberty are we handing to the next generation along with over $17 trillion of debt

    watchman 13, USA

    Mary, we would like to hear more. Cal if you don't know, what can be said for your ability to perceive understanding.
    There is an Oak tree called our Constitution, there is also a Rock set up under the Oak tree.

    Ronw13, OR

    WWG1WGA to KAG

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    The greatest glory is make posterity more responsible. Socialism is the challenge of social abilities to create posterity.


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