C. S. LewisC. S. Lewis, (1898-1963), British novelist

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“The question about progress has become the question whether we can discover any way of submitting to the worldwide paternalism of a technocracy without losing all personal privacy and independence. Is there any possibility of getting the super Welfare State's honey and avoiding the sting?”

C. S. LewisC. S. Lewis
~ C. S. Lewis

Willing Slaves of the Welfare State, first published in The Observer on July 20, 1958

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Carol, Estero, Florida

So sad this is not only true now, it was true in 1958, and WE ARE STILL ASLEEP. Join the revolution at lp.org

jim k, austin tx

"All personal privacy is gone." For you youngsters, or anyone who hasn't seen this, get a copy of the movie, 1984 , adapted from George Orwell's book. I watched it on YouTube and you can get it from Netflix. It shows where we are headed and it's pretty grim.

Mike, Norwalk

There is NO possibility of getting the super Welfare State's honey and avoiding the sting. You know, there is no progression without worldwide paternalism because, "you didn't build that". (NOT) There is 'I built that' technology out there that secures privacy and independence (thus freedom and liberty) BUT, the worldwide paternalism of the statist theocracies attempts to kill it where ever it pops up.

E Archer, NYC

"Is there any possibility of getting the super Welfare State's honey and avoiding the sting?" -- Great line, that's a keeper! Read the whole article, it is bang on.

Ron w13, Or

We do not need the super Welfare States honey, we are the honey ! They sucks the honey from our flowers !!! Feed your own. That is independence, separation coming together as a whole. Corralling the wildlife is what makes slaves. We as independents keep the middle man out of ( our pockets). Good Capitalism at work.! Ask any ( elite ) they will tell you the same. The most benevolent will prevail through compassion bringing false peace. But a gathering together against Israel will come. If being a patriot means anything, you will come to understand the core of good behavior and siding with Israel. Salvation is of the Jews, make no mistake about it ! This is a Gentile Nation, founded upon these facts, and foundations of ( Christ ) Principals and doctrines of Liberty and Freedom. Ancient Doctrines. WAKE UP !!!

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    4/5/14

Beautifully stated. Our unalienable rights and ability to make our personal choices are now being "stung" to death with an over reaching Welfare and Surveillance State.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Technology controls technicians, but humans influence humanity.


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