Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge, (1872-1933) 30th US President

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“As I went about with my father, when he collected taxes, I knew that when taxes were laid someone had to work hard to earn the money to pay them.”

Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge
~ Calvin Coolidge

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Byron, Fort Collins, CO

Yeah, SOMEONE, just not Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, or Wall Street CEOs with their dough stashed in offshore tax havens.

Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, a fact totally disregarded by the vile, loathsome and otherwise depraved de facto slave masters infesting this land. Anyone associated with, or in support of income taxes, property taxes, or any other enslaving practice should be tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

jim k, Austin,Tx

You work hard to earn it and the government works hard to steal it from you.

Waffler, Smith

Yeah we work hard for our food and shelter too! Hell we work hard for everything. Silly Cal, should have again stayed quiet. I don't know who was worse in their use of the English language, Cal or Ron. It is a good election ticket though to promise people government without taxes.

J Carlton, Calgary

A quote just for Waffler..."It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~ Krishnamurti...Suits you to a tee my statist little friend. :)

J Carlton, Calgary

Poor Pres. Coolidge, he must have had all kinds of baggage knowing his father was a gangster.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, a single point here (huge point) is that the working hard for the slave masters is totally different than the personal responsibility of caring for one's self, family, and personally sovereign political extensions (city, state, federal etc.). How typically liberal of you to attack the man's grammar, syntax, etc. to belittle his observation of enslaving despotism. It is a great statement of freedom, liberty, law and justice to promise people government without enslavement of any type, including immorally associated taxes.

E Archer, NYC

I get a little tired when I hear about 'tax-payers' having to pay for all these pork barrel projects being passed these days. Taxes do not even come close to paying for all this -- DEBT does. Ever since the government gave itself the right to borrow ad infinitum, government spending has sky-rocketed. Now we don't have to tax the rich or the poor, we just print up more money! Or should I say, the government prints more interest-bearing T-bills for people to 'invest' in -- and whatever they cannot sell, the Federal Reserve 'buys' with freshly printed Federal Reserve Notes. I think this quote is non-sense -- the ONLY reasons for income taxes is to keep the people down and to hedge against the inflation that even the rich would feel if there was no income tax. Inflation is the fairest tax -- it taxes those with the most the same percentage as those with the least -- and no paperwork is required. Taxes are a way to force the loss of purchasing power due to inflation upon the lower classes who do not even get the newly printed money.

J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

As ever, Coolidge is correct. A bit verbose for his image. The confusion that reigns regarding taxes, inflation, the FED, etc. is the sad part. During the Great Depression someone coined the phrase that America was the only country that drove to the poor house in a Model T. Today, we couldn't afford the gas. Is that progress?

GunnyCee, Durham

Waffler, nobody here is suggesting that a country should not have taxes, you twit! There are taxes and there are confiscatory taxes. Coolidgte was trying to tell dunderheads like yourself that Congress doesn't understand that people are working hard to pay their taxes. They don't seem to realize that. At the rate they are spending, we should be able to walk to Mars on the river of dollars that our budget deficit represents.


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