Charles A. Bowsher Quote

“This [audit] was made extremely difficult because [IRS] existing Systems were not designed to provide reliable financial information... on their operations.”

~ Charles A. Bowsher

on the first-ever audit of the IRS in 1993. 

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Mike, Norwalk

the audit was never completed and ended in an estimation

Mr. Joseph Smith

...and they've come a long,long way to get where they're at today.......Makes me feel secure and confident in knowing the System is improving.PUKE-PUKE-PUKE...ETC...

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

More evidence of what 12 years of Reagan and Bush The First's negligent leadership did!

E Archer, NYC

We can thank the Democratic (sic) FDR for the IRS and its unintelligible code. It is designed in a circular fashion so that the average person can never find their way out of the maze.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Waff, this mess started way before Reagan and Bush. Try 1913 when we got the income tax and the Fed.

David, Mannington, NJ

It's time to stop the blame game and look for solutions and be part of the solution to many of our "BIG" government concerns. Go to "" and study H.R. 25 or the senate version S 122


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