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“There exist in the world only two great parties; that of those who prefer to live from the produce of their labor or of their property, and that of those who prefer to live on the labor or the property of others.”

~ Charles Dunoyer

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J Carlton, Calgary

And the latter of the two has never been more apparent or destructive.

Mike, Norwalk

An accurate duality.

jim k, Austin, Tx

When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you always have Pauls vote. Until Peter runs out of money.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

The first being those that believe in freedom (Liberals) and the second being those who want to want to rape and enslave us (Republicans)

Mike, Norwalk

Hanson, if your depiction of "Liberals" was as were the USA's founders, I would agree. If your "Liberals" is a nomenclature for the current statist theocracies now so in vogue, I would have to vehemently disagree. If your reference to "Republicans" was in reference to a "Republican form of government" (see Constitution a4, s4) I would have to vehemently disagree. If your "Republicans" reference pointed to the statist theocracy's Republican Party, I would agree.

Robin, Spokane

Oh please, Hanson. Liberals believe in freedom? Then why do they make every attempt to control every aspect of our lives-- from where we live to what we drive, what we eat, how, where, when, and indeed IF we are allowed to pray, and what we use to defend ourselves in our own homes? Speaking personally, I've never enslaved and certainly never had any desire whatsoever to rape anyone. The quote is a 5. Your comment is a 0.

J Carlton, Calgary

"Liberals" believe in Freedom? hahahahahahahahahaha
Aren't they the great control freaks who want absolutely everything you do regulated? Aren't they party of "everybody is bad" so we must restrain them? LOL Give me a break!

E Archer, NYC

Hanson demonstrates the progressive liberal ignorance. Of course, the conservatives have their own 'sacred cows.' The quote is right on -- it is not a left/right issue as by the very nature of political parties there will be extremes on each end of the spectrum -- this can be expected forever, it is a sociological fact. But to vote away the money of another is theft (gang rape, essentially), and the liberals lead the pack on that one. And to dictate sexual behavior and what people may eat/drink/smoke is a favorite of the religious right. Statists all of them! You will not hear much about Freedom from either party unless it is to justify taking it away.


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