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“Powers once assumed are never relinquished, just as bureaucracies, once created, never die.”

~ Charley Reese

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Mike, Norwalk

sad but true

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Such negitive thoughts bear little resemblence to reality...

Joe, Rochester, MI

Reston, what planet are you living on?

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

I have to agree with Reston. If you make no effort to reform or abolish what does not work, you are part of the problem. The Soviet Union, Rome, Greece, Babylonia, Egypt, and other empires have dissolved. Why not the IRS?

E Archer, NYC

A sad statement of fact. This is reality! Yes, why shouldn't the IRS be dissolved? It is totally unconstitutional -- but how come it is still here? Why can we not call the bluff and bring down the house of cards? Until someone can prove Reese wriong, he gets 5 stars from me.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Little resemblance to reality? This is total reality! "The Soviet Union, Rome, Greece, Babylonia, Egypt and other empires" were all destroyed because of corruption and bureaucracy from within! I completely agree with Archer-- why is the IRS still here? Because it IS the "bureaucracy" that Reese is talking about - The same "bureaucracy" that has been given power that will never be relinquished-- The unwritten rule of government is to create and make more government... There is no government in history that, over time, hasn't sought to expand its power, enlarge its borders, increase its laws and statutes, and broaden its influence to its own people and the nations of the world. History has proven that once power is given to government (it having the power of coercion), it cannot be easily revoked (if at all) without some type of war and/or revolution. Once power has been given by the people to the government (or simply usurped from the people), it is nearly impossible to ever retake it-- regardless of what "due-process" measure is supposedly available to the people.

Durham, Birmingham, AL

I did hear that England abolished one government agency in about 1958.  They were in charge of watching out from the Cliffs of Dover to see if Napoleon was coming across the Chanel.

Ronw13, Oregon

Well said Logan, Memphis TN. 


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