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“Thus, individualism is not antithetical to community. Rather, it can involve free association and a belief in an over-arching harmony of interests. In a free socety, individuals join with others because of love and mutual benefit, not because they are programmed or coerced.”

~ Prof. Clifford Thies

Communitarianism versus Individualism, August 21, 2010,

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E Archer, NYC

If the State keeps to its fundamental functions to protect the liberty, rights, and property of the people, the organic operations of a society joined by mutual benefit will flourish. We must remember that without the media, most of the 'emergencies' and troubles of this world would be non-issues. It is this discord that government and social planners thrive upon -- harmony means unemployment for them.

Mike, Norwalk

I spent many, many months of assistance in Katrina and Sandy clean-up and otherwise support. There were more individuals there, involved in free association, harmony of charitable interests, love and for mutual benefit than there was government. I'm sure there were a few progressives and otherwise socialists there but, the vast majority was made up of non-programmed or coerced individuals. Another example was the once Waffler that blogged here. He wouldn't go to the Katrina affected area until it was all cleaned up, then he went there to have a beer with the locals.

Ronw13, Oregon

As originally intended, our nation was founded upon freewill association, allowing for a greater degree of over-arching harmony among the first and second nations. Strangers who inter this land must be brought to understand there are those At Liberty and walk free, being Non-conformist to the current orthodoxy of socialism by force. 


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