ConfuciusConfucius, [Kung Fu-tse] (551-479 B.C.) Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher

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“He who will not economize will have to agonize.”

~ Confucius

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J Carlton, Calgary

Sort of the dead opposite of tax and spend policies as we know them. Borrow freely from the central bank, spend on all kinds of stupid wasteful programs that produce nothing andf then wonder why the currency is devalued and we are all poorer for it....hmmm at this rate we're inevitably going to implode. Maybe a few less bail outs and a little more responsibilty would be the cure? Nawwww Big Brother will bail us out! We're "too big to fail".

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident ! ! ! I thought Rand Paul's suggestion at economizing was getting close to a start (maybe not even a good start but, a start non-the-less)

cal, lewisville, tx

I agree with J Carlton and Mike.

jim k, Austin,Tx

I'm with J and Mike on this. Whether as an individual or a country, debt equals slavery.

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RBESRQ    2/11/11

Editor, that's a little to obvious, but excellent...

Johann Hollar, St. Paul

More Brilliant words from my favorite Philosopher

E Archer, NYC

Obvious to all but those that are on the dole.

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    RBESRQ    2/11/11

    Archer, how sad it is that you have no compassion for your fellow human beings. All is black and white to you...

    J Carlton, Calgary

    There's RBE with the "Liberal Mantra" of compassion for his fellow man...that Liberals intend to fund with stolen money. In order to better one's own life, one MUST contribute something to society and we don't need the Liberals of the world telling us how, when or where to do so. They seem to operate on the premise that people are bad and must be FORCED to do good, while I maintain that people are generally compassionate without FORCE. Redistribution of wealth (taxation) is a communist tool and "Fair" is a concept of Communists and Children.

    E Archer, NYC

    Self-righteousness is not compassion, RBE. The difference between statism and individualism is that the statist insists that his causes are just and that all should contribute to them by force of law, whereas the individual's causes are supported by his own efforts and those of like mind and require no others to give unwillingly. I suppose an atheist statist would find it difficult to imagine compassion in others, but charity is the hallmark of religion in America. Now, I am not a formal religionist, but I do believe in the Golden Rule. I do good for goodness sake. To be robbed of the fruit of my labors under the pretense of compassion is a con, as we all know too well by now that those taking our money by force are funneling it to their buddies and gaining wealth and power at our expense, all the while bankrupting the nation. It costs $28,000 a year to provide a public school education to one student -- a private school with better services costs MUCH less. I am afraid you are being duped, RBE, and some of us are unwilling to keep the con going. Give of yourself happily and willingly and you will know the joy of giving -- I am sure you already do, the mistake is trying to force the rest of us to give as you see fit.


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