Cornelius TacitusCornelius Tacitus, (55-117 A.D.) Senator and historian of the Roman Empire

Cornelius Tacitus Quote

“The lust for power in dominating others inflames the heart more than any other passion.”

Cornelius TacitusCornelius Tacitus
~ Cornelius Tacitus

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Renee, Killingly

As true now as it was then.

Michael, Gold Coast Australia

I can believe it.

Kevin Shearer, Queensbury,NY.12804

I give this quote 4 stars because it is true for Evil People But I am Not Evil so I therefore Greatly Disagree with this quote. What inflames My heart more than any other passion is to write about the Good characteristics of humans and to act accordingly as to strengthen and promote Goodness in all people! amen

Robert, Sarasota

I agree with Kevin

Joe, Rochester, MI

Unfortunately this is what happens to our politicians. Each new law is more domination over us.

Michael, Houston,TX

Kinda like the multiculturist that said "Speech should be long as its correct.' Don't you just love hypocrisy/lust for power in full bloom...?

E Archer, NYC

Well, I certainly get inflamed when someone else tries to dictate my actions. I could never understand those that derive satisfaction from commanding others.

Elizabeth, Los Angeles

My instinct tells me that there are more than one species of homo sapiens inhabiting the planet at this time in our evolutionary development--those for whom this quote is true and those who have mentally and spiritually evolved past this primal stage of man as animal and have arrived at a place where the heart's dominant passion is compassion for others and not the will to oppress. I think last week's discourse about guns, and the complete disconnect between people not sharing the same POV, clearly showed this distinction exists.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Acton had it right, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Those who say they would not take advantage of absolute power are simply denying their own and everyone elses human nature. I believe there are very few politicians who go into the "business" with the intention of becoming power mad autocrats. Yet that is where they tend to end up given enough power and time to use it.


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