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“Protection of political speech advanced two important democratic goals: 1) an informed citizenry that would be capable of making educated decisions on matters of public concern, and 2) a free and open marketplace of ideas wherein the truth would ultimately prevail… Only through a vigorous and spirited public debate could citizens be educated about the actions of their government and react responsibly.”

~ Craig R. Smith

All Speech Is Created Equal, 1986

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Mike, Norwalk

Democratic goals can be summed up in despotic rule by the mob. Truly informed individual sovereigns can make educated choices (an informed citizenry is a herd of inferiors told what their master want them to hear). A free and open market place of ideas is a concept of where truth (etc.) may be hopefully found.

E Archer, NYC

That's all well and good, but it still requires the citizen to inform him/herself and to "react responsibly."


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