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“Congress has doubled the IRS budget over the past 10 years -- making that agency one of the fastest growing non-entitlement programs. It has increased its employment by 20 percent. The IRS’s powers to investigate and examine taxpayers transcend those of any other law enforcement agency. Virtually all of the constitutional rights regarding search and seizure, due process, and jury trial simply do not apply to the IRS.”

~ Daniel Pilla

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J Carlton, Calgary

They've also issued IRS agents with shotguns. Which literally puts them in the category of Highway Robbers. And we pay for that.

Anonymous, Douglas

Those that work for the IRS are people that enjoy power. Look at those that do not pay their taxes and get away with it like Geithner, Daschle, Rangel, and he wrote the tax laws! What a joke. But tell them that the constitutional rights regarding search and seizure, due process and jury trial does not apply to them and you know how far you will get.

John Pettitt, fredericksburg, va

we need to pressure congress to limit the power of the IRS. And ultimately, we need to eliminate it. But to get there we need to take a page from the socialists play book by demanding changes and getting whatever we can get, and then turn around and demand more. And over time achieve an America with the unleashed economical potential and freedom of a nation full of free earning citizens.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

No dates, and as I recall the IRS budget has been reduced not increased since 2000. Just more fear and lies rather than the factual truth.

jim k, Austin,Tx

The IRS has recently added several thousand new agents so don't tell me that their budget has been cut since 2000.

Anonymous, Oakland CA

THe IRS is the primary agent of the Tyrant ... Our own government!!!

Carol, Georgia

Anonymous/Reston,VA--You seem to enjoy stating the polar opposite of truth and common sense. Since Obama has been in office the IRS has been in the process of hiring 16,000 new agents. My nephew is one of the recent hires, so don't try to get away with your deceit. I wonder if Geithner, Daschle, and Rangel and the literally many hundreds of other federal employees that have not paid their taxes, will finally be forced to pay those taxes plus interest, or lose their jobs. Everyone of them should be on a plan to resolve their tax debt. It infuriates me that I pay as much tax as I do on as little income as I have and they can skirt their obligation for YEARS!! And now the government wants to take my ONLY deduction for my mortgage! The last two sentences of the quote are a description of a gestapo regime and it is legitimate in our own government.

Mike, Norwalk

That's a start to the reality that is tyranny and slavery.

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RBESRQ    11/12/10

I agree, but also cut the military budget. The biggest and richest counties are those around DC WOW! what a surprise... Cut also the prison services which is another fast growing industry. If we had a flat tax the IRS would not exist (relatively speaking). Carol, who do you thinks runs Obama wake up girl..... WALL STREET and the Military

E Archer, NYC

The IRS is an arm of the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation. Its formation was a requirement for replacing gold with interest-bearing Federal Reserve Notes. The taxes originally had to be paid in gold, not Federal Reserve Notes which are but IOUs. But once the Fed got all the nations's gold (which was bound to happen) they allowed payments of taxes in Federal Reserve Notes. The IRS is an unaccountable, unconstitutional, and tyrannical agency that need not follow any rules for due process -- you are guilty until proven innocent. I read recently that the IRS cannot account for 40% of its budget -- it is just 'gone' -- if you or I could not account for 40% of our income, we would be imprisoned. Shame on anyone who has taken a job with the IRS -- they are traitors to their country.

dick, Fort Worth

Don't usually use language like this, but BULLSHIT. Ronald Raegan stripped the IRS years ago and the employees they have left to check tax reports only look at the low income ones so that lying and cheating by the millionaires in the country pay much smaller percentage of their income than we wage slaves. And that's 'we', not 'us.'

Carol, Georgia

Hey, Anonymous. YOU wake up! George Soros is the one on the other end of that Blackberry. Obama is a cunning pawn of the Soros machine. Wall Street and the greed therein is only part of the equation. The Fed, the Central Bank is not even affiliated with the government and should be audited and dissolved. Read the pamphlet by Wickliffe B. Vennard, "The Federal Reserve Corporation, 42 Years of Subversion in 100 Acts," so you can see the light. It was written sometime in the 40's. If you want to learn something, go to the following website, and order a copy. www.alibris.com.

Mike, Norwalk

dick, what a stupid comment. What ever the statist theocracy gives, it can take away, and give back again (like the 16,000 new IRS suckers of life). Show 'US' the Constitutionally authorizing enabling act of the Internal Revenue Service (not just an individual but, a regime of - as Archer started a list of - unlawful actions by a foreign dictator) Amerika is a government of tyrannous men, not a government of law !

Robert, Chiloquin

Abolish the IRS, establish a fair flat tax. Abolish all tax shelters and loopholes, and abolish the privately owned federal reserve and their fiat money. Fiat money systems have always failed.

J Carlton, Calgary

Obamacare added (as Carol says) 16,000 new IRS "Agents"...and not one new Doctor. I guess now that we've passed it, we're seeing what's in it...Abolish the Fed and its collection wing of anti-American rogues.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Be careful of a different tax. You may wind up with a new tax AND the income tax. A consumption or sales tax would be better as everyone would pay it when they made purchases. The best solution would be a return to a constitutional government, get rid of most of the government bureaus and we would have no use for most of the current mishmash of taxes. This will happen when pigs fly.

David, Mannington, NJ

It's time to stop calling each other names and look for solutions and be part of the solution to many of our "BIG" government concerns. Go to "thomas.gov" and study H.R. 25 or the senate version S 122
Keep in mind that our current income tax started as a flat tax only for the rich.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    5/31/13

"Our Founding Fathers feared the emergence of an agency such as the IRS and its potential for abuse. That's why they gave us Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, which reads: "No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken." A capitation is a tax placed directly on an individual. That's what an income tax is. The founders feared the abuse and the government power inherent in a direct tax. In Section 8 of Article 1, they added, "But all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States." These protections the founders gave us were undone by the Progressive era's 16th Amendment, which reads, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration." .....
..... The bottom line is that members of Congress need such a ruthless tax collection agency as the IRS because of the charge we Americans have given them. We want what the IRS does -- namely, to take the earnings of one American so Congress can create a benefit for some other American. Don't get angry with IRS agents. They are just following orders." - Walter Williams

Mary - MI
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    Mary - MI    5/31/13

    David, Mannington, NJ - The solution is to audit and abolish both the IRS and the Federal Reserve (privately run) Bank that came into very questionable ratification existence during the infamous year of 1913.
    As Walter Williams so aptly stated, "The bottom line is that members of Congress need such a ruthless tax collection agency as the IRS because of the charge we Americans have given them."
    The U.S. Congress could make a move this very day to abolish both of these vile, wealth-stealing bureaucracies. They are not inclined to do so because of the benefit to them of garnering special tax favors for a favored few....thus buying their votes.

    Mike, Norwalk

    David, Mannington N.J., We the People did not authorize the IRS, the 16th Amendment, or any government sponsored larceny (nor could we lawfully or, at justice do so). Now that voting has been compromised so sufficiently (by way of example - Obama's 108% vote without investigation), little to no freedom will ever be voted in again. With the schools, media, etc. being missionary endeavors for the socialist thuggery now in place, concepts of freedom and liberty are lost to the masses. With AGs such as are now lead all major criminal activities, lawful activities and protection of individual rights are no longer part of the government's priorities. In the mid to late 80s, I worked with several individuals and entities to introduce into court how the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified. No court to this day will allow such information to be heard. A killing sales tax will not help reduce or take over the malignant totalitarian occupying statist theocracy that is currently infesting this land. With no name calling, do you have any other suggestions.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Changing an anti-just / unlawful criminal system (enacted under the nomenclature 'tax') from one felonious cartel to another does nothing for the advancement of freedom, liberty, prosperity, inalienable rights or application of law and justice. The only solution to the occupying statist theocracy now infesting this land with its malignant tyranny and otherwise anti-law criminality is to re-establish a representative republic that is extremely limited in size and scope (at natural law - life, liberty & property), uniquely allowing the individual sovereigns (individually and in concert) servants to secure justice and said individual sovereigns inalienable rights at law. Compelled compliance, licensing, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (income / property tax, funny money, etc.) and non-recognition of individual sovereign - inalienable rights must be removed from the carnal gods legal positivism (a system change back to We The Peoples natural law). A good start would be to gather all areas yellow / blue / etc. pages that publish government entities, catalog the agencies, subordinates, etc. and then, get rid of the non-specific Constitutional positions; and, Prosecute all criminals (all judges, policing agents, and legislators that do not go along with the return to the natural law Constitution); and, Remove all religious dogmas and proselytizing propaganda (socialism, humanism, etc.) out of government supportive media, government schools, and otherwise political influence; and, Eliminate the funny money Reserve system - replacing it with a Constitutionally defined monetary system backed by a measurable specie with intrinsic value. (Again, only a good start)

    Robert, Somewhere in Europe

    Both the Federal Reserve and the IRS were created as one agency to rob the poor. The rich lost a lot of wealth in the crash hence the terrible two.... They should both be dismantled, and as RBESRQ (I think I use to have that name) has suggested, bring in a new agency with a flat tax.

    Cal, Lewisville, TX

    The 16th amendment was supposed to tax 2% of any income over $3,000, but wait, they failed to put that in writing didn't they. It all started when most wanted to soak the rich. What went around came around.

    Ronw13, OR
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      Ronw13, OR    5/11/18

      The elements of SIEGE Must be Broken, Dismantled, and Destroyed. Congress and the IRS feel the heat in the kitchen, called the U.S.A. The exodus from the beltway has begun as heads are rolling and feet are running for the door. Constructive Fraud committed by congress and the irs, with other Bureaus of investigations, in concert, will be rooted up and thrown out with the rest of the garbage called socialism. Now Awakened, the We the People, Patriots of Liberty, embrace President Trump Commander and Chief, in the fight of our lifetime, to Restore Commonsense at Liberty for the sake of the Individual sovereign's Economic Liberty with Freedom to Defend said Liberties. Semper Fi and God Bless the Movement, called the Trump Era.


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