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“Look at America now; older middle-income Americans are encouraged to divest themselves of their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid so that taxpayers at large must subsidize the costs of warehousing the artificially impoverished nursing homes -- in the name of “independent living” and “not being a burden to the children.””

~ Daniel F. Walker

Thielicke on the Modern Welfare State, The Freeman, p. 557, August, 1996

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anonymous    2/16/15

There's an easy fix for that; single payer health care.

Anonymous, Cadillac

The Hegelian Dialect...create a problem, offer the solution, sell it.

Mike, Norwalk

An extremely accurate observation. - anonymous, and I mean this in the kindest way (-;, you are an idiot. Your solution (as grandeur as a socialist's solution can be) is an enlargement of the problem.

E Archer, NYC

The corruption of the business of medicine is propped up by government protection and insurance-for-profit. Real universal health care would be based on state-run non-profit insurance models. The result would be lower cost health care -- and lower profits for the medical union and insurance companies, which is the primary barrier to affordable health care. As well, the laws have been written to protect the medical monopoly to such an extent that it is illegal to declare that apples are good for your health -- that would mean that apples are drugs and thus need to be regulated as such. Only pharmaceuticals are medicine, herbs from which they were copied are considered useless and illegal to sell. If a $200,000 treatment can be replaced with a $10,000 protocol, the profiteers are not going to give up their margins without a fight.

anonymous is typical of most worshipers of social engineering -- they merely repeat their party line as conditioned to do so. All the while knowing nothing about the fields of medicine, insurance, government, and most importantly economics.

cal, lewisville, tx

anonymous, make sure this single payer health care is not subsidized in any way, fashion, or form. We'll see how long it lasts.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

Yes, single payer - do away with Medicare and have everyone based on Medicaid (only because the process is already in place, though I would definitely change some of its administration and the way practitioners and facilities are reimbursed). The present system is so corrupt it needs a total overall - let me tell you one small abuse of the system: when a patient is seen by a primary care physician and is treated for a particular malady, but the patient asks to be treated at the same time for another malady in addition, the patient is told to make another appointment. This is so the practice can bill for another office visit which is not allowed if the two maladies are treated at the same time - this costs the government and insurance companies millions every years. Archer, how about corporate engineering???

Ronw13, Oregon

The system is rigged, dividing the doctor patient relationship, dividing the family units, creating strife where there should be none, all for the sake of profits and social engineering. Secular humanist care little for the well being of children, even less for the elderly. It is not hard to see the "writing on the wall ", regress of the wholesome family unit. 


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