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“I believe that America is the greatest country in history and for good reasons, but America has been changing and not for the better. Our free society has been falling prey to a more repressive system with methods for the increased control of people. The return of groups and individuals to the controlling ideology of Imperialism and Marxism using the structures of Corporatism, Socialism and Democracy. The result is that this nation's foundational principles based on the ideology of Liberty are now in danger of extinction.”

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Suzy Q, Bellevue

In a nutshell....precisely what is happening today with the NoBama Regime. And....he WILL be re-elected. I would bet my life on it. The sheeple of this country have been dumbed down and brainwashed through Liberal Media Lies. The Global Elitists are having a field day!!

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    2/27/12

Obama FEARS revolution, and for good reason, as warrants have been issued for his arrest. The good men and women, who outnumber his kind, although do not wish this, may be forced into it. ALL NATIONS, be wise, and stand by us, as we head, into the future.

J Carlton, Calgary

It's been going on since the war between the states, maybe earlier.

Marge, Carmel, Indiana

This why Obama needs to be voted OUT......We need to restore America to her former greatness.

Mann, Kalamazoo

This quote makes equal players of the polar opposites of Marxism and Imperialism, rendering them equal partners in emerging, non-constitutional, social/political control in America. On its surface this is an utterly ridiculous proposition. It's like putting two nouns together and hoping to come up with a verb. The author also equates socialism with profit-oriented corporatism, an equally absurd idea. Superficially, at least, these words are "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" in the end except chaos. It makes me wonder what the site editors' intentions are when they post drivel like this. Sometimes it's like they're up to nothing more important than eliciting campaign slogans from commentators, instead of serious reflection.

J Carlton, Calgary

Wow Mann....how did you get THAT out of this quote? Marxisn and Imperialism are "absolutely" partners in the destruction of America. Imperialism on the global scale and Marxism on the domestic scale. And we get to "vote" for our dictators...ironic isn't it? ;-)

jim k, Austin, Tx

Suzy, don't bet your life on it. Many of the "sheeple" are to lazy to vote and these pesky gas prices are working against our Dictater in Chief. At 4 bucks per gallon, people will wake up so stop with the defeatest talk.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Well maybe at 5 bucks per gallon.

E Archer, NYC

We can always count on the left to defend socialism while they conveniently ignore the fruits thereof: totalitarian oligarchy, genocide, perpetual debt, monopoly of everything, and two classes of people - wolves and sheep. Hey, Mann, why haven't you moved to Cuba or Russia where you can get your communism without hypocrisy? It seems to me that the editors' intentions here are to promote Liberty -- is there any doubt of Mann's intentions? ;-)

Cal, lewisville, tx

Our nation has not been in it's greatest hour for many decades and only getting worse.

Tyson, Austin,TX

We as the whole have to regain and safeguard our nation's basic principle of LIBERTY which is eroded day byday. One of the solutions is to reduce the unhealthy size of the current government which has been involving in and controlling many aspects of our individual life . The U.S was regarded as the greatest nation in the world for her individual freedom and democracy ; her stance on this idealism is fading away...

Rita, Richland

Some people will never wake up. A large group of us are now awake...and we are NOT happy with the direction our country is being led. This quote makes me think about what's going on and what I can do to help fix it.

dick, fort worth

Mr. or Ms. Mann of Kalamazoo, it is refreshing to know there are a few people left who actually know the definitions of socialism, Marxism, imperialism, capitalism, and now corporatism, which is a synonym of fascism. Hope you continue to respond.

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident - for the honest in heart that truly love freedom and liberty. dick, is it also refreshing to find someone that will not accept legal, philosophical or historical definitions to said terms just because they are not immediately complimentary to your version of theocratic tyranny. I have defined these terms in this blog from legal dictionaries, court cases, and regular dictionaries - all of which are in total harmony with the quote. Man, your entire rhetoric is on its surface a shallow parroting of the half truths (at best) the progressive theologians would have its patrons spread. For example: Corporatism from a State's perspective has nothing to do with profiteering (that is a propaganda message to enrage a progressive's religiously desired class warfare). Within socialism's 2 sided stick (administrative communism on one side and, administrative corporatism / fascism on the other), American recognized freedom and liberty are becoming extinct. In a fascist state, the government owns everything (as evidenced by compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity - for example property and income tax, and non-protection of individual inalienable sovereign rights), using corporations as a most efficient tool to manage the State's assets. Corporations are a bifurcation. The State is the equitable owner while the shareholders and officers are the legally permitted day to day operators. As exemplified most clearly by Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin, the Union of Socialist Amerika (USA) implements, where and when most advantageous, both Communism and Fascism (both being a great foundation and in harmony with imperialism - simply a missionary tool to spread the faith).

Waffler, Smith

Congratulations to Mann and Dick for exhibiting some intelligence on this site. Thumbs down to the poster who invoked the assine comment about "us good people" as opposed to the evil them. That type of syntax is so Hitlerian and brown shirt-ish. And make such comments in addressing a quote about Liberty. Soon these "brown shirt good people" will be calling for censorship I am sure.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you are absolutely correct about the brown shirts calling for censorship. Every Progressive / socialist, and otherwise leftist (a harmonious cabal of government, its extended media, and education) are screaming to censor anything but their most pure theological dogmas.

E Archer, NYC

Hey, Mann, dick, and Waffler, your defense of Marxism is predictable. What I can't understand is why? Every nation that has embraced Marxism has killed millions of its own people -- MILLIONS. I know you guys are all for reducing world population, but seriously, why on Earth would anyone want Marxist principles to rule a nation? Talk about a hatred for humanity...

Rick Julius, Dallastown

Darren Perkins was gifted with great foresightedness. Too bad for us we can't accept the wise gifted individuals who gave us warnings of what will happen and what is now happening.

Mike, NM
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    Mike, NM    7/31/17

    Who is this Darren Perkins? He is correct, but what is his bio?

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    The population citizenry should realize that their "freedoms" do not include the freedom to maim, kill, destroy, rape, and rob. The restraint of these plundering activities allow a moral freedom and a freedom, free of corruption and coercion. All things considered, the United States of America moves ever closer to the revolutionary image as bastion for human growth processes.


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