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“I was taught when I was a young reporter that it's news when we say it is. I think that's still true -- it's news when 'we' say it is. It's just who 'we' is has changed. Members of the public, people with modems, people with cell phones are now producers, editors. They can push and push and push on a story until it ends up being acknowledged by everyone.”

~ David Carr

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J Carlton, Calgary

And this will remain true as long as we have the internet. We had better use it to educate people about the creeping Globalism / Communism infesting the west.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Thank goodness for the internet.

Mark, Huntsville AL.

You should have been taught to tell the TRUTH…

Mike, Norwalk

The Lenin inspired media's "news when we say it is" (a lie told often enough becomes the truth) still remains supreme in the minds of the majority. The referenced reporters, producers and editors on occasion make available news that the established media will not touch but to date, there have been very little "push and push and push" ending up acknowledged by everyone.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Is not what you are implying, objectively, what you may present as news may not be news as all?


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