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“If a multitude is to be subjected to a plan, it must be militarized. If individuals are allowed a free choice, the plan is thrown into confusion. Bureaucracy, under an absolute ruler, or rulers, is necessary. Popular consent can be secured only by rigorous censorship and prohibition of free discussion. Espionage is a necessary part of the system, and a considerable amount of terrorism. Since private expenditure must be controlled, it is wise to keep private incomes near a subsistence level and to dole out any surplus on collective pleasures such as free holidays. We shall not understand totalitarian tyranny unless we realize that it is the result of the planned economy.”

~ Dean Inge

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! great points, great observations, extremely accurate. A question' if I perform no criminal acts (doing harm to an innocent third party) why can't I personally run a bank out of my garage ?

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

And the Federal Reserve has been planning the US and A economy scince 1913. All the rest just follows. Maybe that is what Regean meant by the "trickle-down" theory.

J Carlton, Calgary

Many intersting points. Our domestic police forces are ever more militarized (and if need be under UN control) We are forced to comply to a multitude of policies including extortion. The entrenched unionized bureaucracy is a self serving entity in place to stifle and confuse. Censorship and half truths are an absolute in the main stream media. Espionage? Easily comparable to the fact that we are under surveillance both publicly and privately. Control of private expenditure is implemented through personal income more. We live in a dysfunctional and sick society and the source of the disease is the Global Bankers and their goal of one world government. Restore the Republic and Abolish the Fed.

E Archer, NYC

The welfare/police/surveillance state is exactly what this quote addresses -- and our current dilemma. Boycott the State!

Bill Linden, L.A.

I know all reports that government spends money are LIES. They cannot get money from us when al that we have in banks is numbers and they need no money when all of us are risking our lives for more numbers. When the Federal Reserve said their sys-tem "works only with credit" they admitted that no one pays any taxes but millions PLAY taxes and taxes can be paid with nothing less than silver coins--with such coins not circulating. THIS IS $LAVERY!


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