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“I am one who believes that as a first step the U.S. should move expeditiously to disarm the civilian population, other than police and security officers, of all handguns, pistols and revolvers one should have a right to anonymous ownership or use of a gun.”

~ Prof. Dean Morris

in testimony to Congress

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helberg, st. louis park

some people just don't get it...

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

He gets it half right. No one needs anonymous ownership of handguns. As they say, it all depends upon what is is... since this quote is missing its middle part, we don't really have the ability to read the last sentance fragment in context. sigh.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

As a FIRST step, America should ban communism as a political party, permitting discussion of it only in the theoretical sense, and prohibiting its participation in political venues.

Eric ENgstrom, Orlando FL

And I am one who has no problem with fools like this. Once they realize - truly believe - that the ones with the guns won't give them up without a fight (gun fight that is) they will give up in their insane quest. ALL power is vested in THE PEOPLE, and that includes the power of arms. Our founders got it right. This guy needs to take his butt to the UK

Joe, Rochester, MI

Why does Prof. Dean Morris feel the police are trustworthy, when they are more corrupt than the civilian population as a whole? Only 1 star Reston, VA? This quote is what you rant about, and you barely acknowledge it.

Brian D. Pickett, Tampa, Fl

I think hanging without the benefit of being dropped would be the most effective way to change the minds of persons like Prof. Dean Morris.

Robert, Sarasota

yes, yes, yes

Logan, Memphis, TN

no, no, no

E Archer, NYC

Besides being contrary to American liberty, independence, and responsibility for one's actions, gun prohibition cannot be done -- it will only create a huge black market. It also boggles my mind that there are people out there that believe no one should be able to own ANYTHING without someone else's knowledge/permission.

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Prof. Dean Morris - Government employee, Director of Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) - it figures.

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Er, - "America should ban communism as a political party"? What the Hey-all does 'communism as a political party' have to do with anything?

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Well, we really ARE going towards ignoring the Bill of Rights. - "The right just doesn't exist. Clearly, the states no longer need protection from the federal government disarming their "well-regulated" militia. The Second Amendment no longer speaks to us. The Second Amendment has no modern day application. The Second Amendment is dead." - Judge Ron Greenburg, 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

"Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA - ordinary citizens don't need guns, as their having guns doesn't serve the State." - Heinrich Himmler

Rick, Baltimore

And depend on the Police to protect my family and I guess I should ask the criminals nicely to turn in their guns! Give me a break! What a jerk! People like him ARE the problem!

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

"... gun control advocates who want to square their policy preferences with the Constitution should squarely face the need to deconstitutionalize the subject by repealing the embarrassing amendment." George Will March 21, 1991

Rick, Baltimore

And a favorite quote of mine from Charlton Heston, "From my Cold Dead Hands!"

anonymous, NY

This ass of a professor sadly teaches our children AND most likely owns a gun as he's special. BARF!

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Anonymous    4/16/08

Americans are so indoctrinated, that they can't trust their government. Yet they trust it when it comes to having a socialist style military. They are all screwed up.

David, Tianjin, CN

You don't own anything that you pay tax on. You can't own land, or anything else you pay tax on. When you pay for borrowing money, it's called tax. When you are paid for loaning money, it's called interest. Look on a dollar bill and you'll see that it says that it is a "Federal Reserve Note." That means that it is a loan and the tax you pay on the note, your income, is interest.

Just another face in the crowd, KC

Hang him for treason.

Anonymous, Charleston, IL

Come and get um'

ken, chicago

Ever ask your self why traitors like that not only get voted into office but don't get fired? I rated it 3*, not in agreement, but as a flag to point to the traitor!!!!!!

Dean Morris, SA

And how do you protect yourself against a rapacious government? If you outlaw firearms, only the outlaws will have firearms. An utterly idiotic quote from my namesake.

Maryland_Shooter, Baltimore

The guy is a nut case that thinks the world is full of rainbows and Unicorn farts.

Come and try to take my gun, I'll notify the next of kin

J Carlton, Calgary

Licensing and registration are tools of confiscation. Confiscation is the precursor to genocide. And Liberals are still idiots...

Rodney, Detroit

I think that Dean is right. He should prove his point by moving into the inner city of New York, or Chicago, or Detroit and put a large banner outside his house proclaiming there is no gun for protection in his house.


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