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“Thus perhaps the most dangerous of all socialist attacks on America in the 1990s is the onslaught to register and confiscate America's firearms. America cannot be subjugated to communism or a socialist dictatorship until Americans are first disarmed. Poland has strict gun control; so does Cambodia, Russia, and Red China. Over 100 million people were brutally slaughtered in those countries, but first they were disarmed. The danger to people when they can't own guns is far greater than any danger gun ownership can ever create.”

~ Donald S. McAlvaney

Toward a New World Order, 57 (2nd Ed. 1992).

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm not quite sure how to rate this. The most dangerous ? The attacks on religion, free enterprise, education, work ethic, personal responsibility, the concepts of what law, freedom and liberty are (the list could go on and on) etc., all have arguments for being the most dangerous of all socialist attacks on America. Is one the worst or do they all have to work in concert ?

Henry Cole, Edinboro, Pennsylvania

I agree Mike, there are a unison of issues that are all related either directly or indirectly to the attack on liberty.

watchman 13, USA

To disarm Americans, The socialist, and those that are, and do not know it, should return to Europe if they love slavery so much. Then ask their citizens what do they think. Considering most who came to our nation wish to have our rights and the ability to be free from oppression. Ignorance, the lack of a proper education, which allows one to articulate to their children in many ways, not just one way, over comes tantrums of their children. By design, we see bleeding hearts seduced into thinking, not for themselves, but by the seeds of socialistic thought. Most, made lazy enough through food stamps and housing, then with that, what ever faith they had in The God of nature is destroyed. Our forefathers knowing this plan very well, being led by Divine Providence to secure to us the right to bear arms for ourselves, because of the wickedness and hatred of some men and women. Trusted God to lead them in a plain path. Knowing very well the doctrines of liberty and freedom and the source thereof. With all this being said, For those that have any trust or knowledge of Christ, would know that he is the Freedom, Liberty and inspiration of our founding fathers to establish our inalienable rights ordained by God. Before he was crucified, gave commandment to his followers pertaining to this right to bear arms. The 3rd book in the NT, Luke ch,22 verse36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. He was passive unto death, but was not a fool !!!! So for all the bleeding heart moms and dads laden with ignorance, though not all your fault, reconsider, who and what you trust !!

Richard, Fort Worth

Ignorance beyond comprehension.

Robert Sarkissian, Orange, California

If this administration goes after our guns, the citizens will revolt. They operate on the "nudge" theory. They keep nudging to see how far they can go. These leftists have always been operating on "never let a good crisis go to waste" theory from the start. The only difference now is that they feel emboldened to actually say it. Saul Ahlinsky would be proud of this bunch. To hell with all of them!

Ronw13, Oregon


Durham, Birmingham,AL

Leftists cry over the murders of a few innocents by miscellaneous criminals, as they should.  However, they fail to cry over millions of innocents who were disarmed and murdered by their governments, and they fail to acknowledge that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens could have prevented a lot of those murders.   


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