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“The people’s right to obtain information does not, of course, depend on any assured ability to understand its significance or use it wisely. Facts belong to the people simply because they relate to interests that are theirs, government that is theirs, and votes that they may desire to cast, for they are entitled to an active role in shaping every fundamental decision of state.”

~ Edmond Cahn

The Predicament of Democratic Man, 1961

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RBESRQ    12/9/08

I'm with Mike on this one...

E Archer, NYC

Once again we see the connection between the lovers of Liberty and the seekers of Truth. They are interdependent. Certainly we must learn how to discern and reason in order to have either or both.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I am surprised that some of the above have not attacked the title of this book "Democratic Man" since several I believe do not believe in democracy.

jim k, austin

Waff, It's "Democratic Man", not "Democratic Party".

Ronw13, Oregon

Waffler's ignorance abounds, or his deceptive tactics ! Jefferson formed the democratic Republican party in opposition to the federalist socialist elitist within the corrupt banking industries of England and abroad. Waffler there is power in a vote, yet it is checked by logic and purpose within our Declaration and Constitution to avoid or allow rebellion in a just cause before a plumb and square Court. Our Creator is not a respecter of persons nor is our Constitution and Declaration !


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