Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow, (1908-1965) American broadcast journalist and war correspondent

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“I am entirely persuaded that the American public is more reasonable, restrained and mature than most of the broadcast industry's planners believe. Their fear of controversy is not warranted by the evidence.”

Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow
~ Edward R. Murrow

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E Archer, NYC

The same is true today -- even with the propaganda machine in full swing, not all Americans are convinced that we are ever on the brink of destruction thus ready to sell out our rights for so-called security. Fear IS the primary product being sold in the news today, but not all buy into it.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The American public is more reasonable, restrained and mature than the government believe, as shown by the evidence. Yet, government continues to treat the public as stupid morons.

Jack, Green, OH

But, in fact, the American public can be duped by the media , as they were in 2004 by the likes of the Swift Boat gang, but eventually they wake up -- after the damage has been done

jim k, Austin, Tx

As to the American public, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."


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