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“History is written by those who win and those who dominate.”

~ Edward Said

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Mike, Norwalk

fairly self explanatory, history proves this out

J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

It's an old quote. I'm too lazy to look up who said it and I will probably mangle it a bit, so here goes. Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? If it prosper, none dare call it treason.

J Carlton, Calgary

This is why we never hear about our interference in the politics of foreign nations. We set up and endorse dictatorships friendly to our "interests" and then wonder why the citizens of those nations want to kill us...

cal, lewisville, tx

You couldn't have said it any better J Carlton.

jim k, austin

I think itwas Napoleon who said, "History is lies agreed upon".

Waffler, Smith

BS. Everyone writes history. It is just the shallow and sycophants that choose to read only that written by winners. Do you remember for example who was last or second to last in NFC or AFC last year? You can read the writings and interviews of Geronimo. J Carlton has apparently never read or heard of the documentary book titled "The Ugly American" about the errors of American diplomats and diplomacy. There are numerous alternaive books, views, and opinions. You guys need to dig deeper. This quote sounds good or cute and at first glance seems to have a ring of truth to it but for lack of a better word at the moment it is pure droppings from the bull yard.

J Carlton, Calgary

Right you are Waffler...so how come these alternative points of view aren't taught in schools? Good to see you so happy again today. :)

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, hows that whole global warming thing working out for you (complete with your sub or mini god Gore). Since the world's temperature has been dropping for more than 8 years now and, the lies, fabrications, fraud, intentional miss/counter interpretations / condensations and otherwise untruths of the global religion take over are becoming more public, those who dominate continue to have their governmental tabloid media complex spew forth as though they've won.

Waffler`, Smith

You are off topic Mike. Off topic. Alternative views and opinions do not mean that they are policy just that they are there. The subject Mike is whether or not losers write books. I am sure that Japanese and German people wrote books about the war etcetera. Just because we don;t read them moxnix. This guy quoted so broadly is I assume in his own eyes a loser Palestinian and here we are reading and glorifying his quote. Thus the quote is an oxymoron because it contradicts itself. The fact of its popularity is proof of its falsehood, it has if not internal at least external inconsistencies. Yes J happy because I got you guys to parley with! Top of the day to y'all!

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Anon    12/2/09

I have to laugh at this one Waffler. Off topic? That puts a simple end to a matter you are afraid to discuss. I'm tempted to use it myself to dismiss some points you might raise but then again, to me, that would be intellectual dishonesty. Great point Mike.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, off topic? ? ? How is that? Your comment did not address my comment. The giant hoax and criminal activities that have driven the whole global warming thing have begun to be unraveled in a big way, at the same time, incontrovertible proof that the earth's climate is cooling a bit is also coming forward. AND, with all that, those who dominate are still writing the history, taxing people on a lie, killing industry based on a lie, and still the government's tabloid media complex in most part promotes the lie. Point on.

Waffler, Smith

I repeat losers right books. Ever hear of Sarah Palin, point and counterpoint.

E Archer, NYC

So history is NOT written by the victors, eh, Waffler? You never cease to amaze me with your hypocrisy. I'm pretty sure your comments are based on what others say -- if Mike, Jim, and Carlton agree, you will disagree even if it is Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Aesop, Sophicles that says it, and agree with Hitler, Stalin, and Marx because the rest have given them thumbs down. At least admit your communistic leanings -- you have not yet mastered the art of double-speak (if you had, you might have made it in politics). You are a 'waffler' alright.

Waffler, Smith

Have you ever read a book Archer, Eh! You mentioned years ago that you are on this site just to be contrary to the Evening News whether it be NBC, CBS or whatever. So don't go accusing others of being contrary just for the sake of being contrary. You have admitted that your intent in life is to be contrary. These quotes are talking points. Any one wishing to talk or write do so. Those who want to be contrary for the sake of contrariness I have no use for. Ever heard of the loser Sarah Palin Archer well she has a book out. Ever heard of "All Quiet on The Western Front" it is a WWII war account from the German perspective. Here is another one, Sharks and Little Fish about Nazi submarine service, and I repeat pick up a copy of Geronimo's memoirs. You are the one that amaze everyone Archer, contrary guy in chief. The point is that most people suck up to the victors and fail to read the losers accounts. That ain't the victors fault now is it. Some day when you start thinking for yourself write on here again.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, pretty funny, but you still dwell in the superfluous, flirting with half to no truths. Just because someone writes a book doesn't mean it comes close to what the quote is talking about. Counter point what? You just proved my point. It's obvious you haven't read Palin's book. When McCain's liberal handlers ventured into conservative spin, Palin got caught up in the abyss. Now that she's on her own, she's much more accurate, articulate and displays a level of integrity unknown to the Democratic Party. I have to say, I don't agree with her much on substantive and other subject matter basis. I don't disagree with her on the hate speech the Dems and other currently dominates of the day say. Those that won the election and dominate the government's tabloid media complex, continue to write a fictional history (spun with an occasional truth for fall back - illustrated by your rhetoric) that will be read and acknowledged long after her book is forgotten. So again, thanks for using another example to prove my point.

Waffler, Smith

Again Mike do you not find it funny that the quoter Mr Said is a Palestinian (whom many of us in the west I admit ignored for years do to our penchant for listing exculsively to the Israeli's) a loser in many ideas has gained such prominience with his seemingly sour grapes quote that he does not get listened to. As far as Sarah's book I have not read it, but there is another book published about the same time by two young Alaskan reporters (a guy and a girl). It is called "Sarah of Alaska". I saw them being interviewed on TV. They said that their book includes stuff that Sarah, whether intentionally or just forgetfully, left out. An honest reader, I guess, should read both. I won't read either because of my low opinion of her as Presidentail tender or fodder. I think her whole political career is one of attacking everyone with whom she ever worked including John McCain accusing every one in Alsaka of graft while she was lining her own nest by cheating on her expenses and having the state pay for her kids travels etcetera. Tell you buddy Archer to read Geronimo if he wants a losers account.

Waffler, Smith

PS Mike, it is absolutely true that the victors write the history when the losers are dead losers.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, if you are going to quote me and then condemn me for it, then please provide a link to my comment. Is there not enough words here to respond to that requires you to respond to some non-existent comment? As a debater, your skills are like that of a grade schooler. I prefer not to waste words on an arrogant ignoramous. I read lots of books -- not all of which will you find in a History class -- why are they not included in high school or college? (see quote above)

Smocrizigioge, Iceland

thanks for the interesting information


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