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“[When a victimless criminal] is treated as an enemy of society, he almost necessarily becomes one. Forced into criminal acts, immersed in underworld-related supply networks, and ever-conscious of the need to evade the police, his outlooks as well as behavior become more and more anti-social.”

~ Edwin M. Schur

Schur, Edwin (1974) Victimless crimes: Two sides of controversy. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.

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Cal, Lewisville, TX

Federal drug laws should be repealed.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Cal is right.

Mike, Norwalk

The police State that replaced the once Representative Republic at law (with individual sovereign's inalienable rights being held sacrosanct) has grown into a heinous leviathan. The police State's victimless crimes has created a nation of criminals, just waiting to be picked up by the overlords. Drug rules, statutes and enforcements are just one example of the police State's victimless atrocities. (Obamacare is another) I saw a cartoon the other day that was an excellent example of this quote. It went something like this: A policeman pulls over a driver; the policeman says: " I saw you driving without a seat belt. Now you owe us money, If you don't pay us our money in the time we set, we will kidnap you. If we can't find you, to kidnap you in a timely fashion, we will shoot and kill you when we find you." "Ever-conscious of the need to evade the police, his outlooks as well as behavior become more and more anti-social."

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

Whenever the subject of more lenient drug laws arises amongst lawmakers the loudest hue and cry comes from the Prison industry. The drug laws as they exist are their ticket to job security. For the rest of us ; a burgeoning tax bill to support a failed system.

E Archer, NYC

How true. Look to the Dutch and Swiss for positive examples. Canada, too, is trying, but the US government still stands in the way of common sense. Central and South America are joining forces to end drug prohibition as the costs far outweigh actual drug use. Gangs and drug cartels become more powerful than the governments themselves, and nothing but death surrounds them -- not due to drug usage, but the turf wars and government corruption. When American states put into place a taxation and distribution system similar to that for alcohol, the new revenues and saved law enforcement costs will turn the whole thing around. Same thing happened after the repeal of alcohol prohibition. It is only a matter of time.


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