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“When it comes to freedom, we are but prisoners of our own desires.”

~ Eric Schaub

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There lies the key...

J Carlton, Calgary

Individual Freedom = Personal Responsibility. Get some of both.Turn off CNN and Fox and start paying attention because America is hypnotized. So when I count to 3 you will all wake up....1,2,3...

Mike, Norwalk

I guess its all in how you define prisoner.

E Archer, NYC

We are 'bound' to our wants, desires, and needs. Liberation is a process of letting go of things that hold us back and standing firm against the forces that attempt to yoke us.

Dave, St. Louis MO

Any adult who performs to avoid punishment for not performing is a slave to whomever threatens punishment. You do not file tax returns because a law requires it, you file solely to avoid punishment.

george, jack carter

Who's quoting who? Sounds like the Eagles in 'Hotel California': 'We are all just prisoners here of our own device'.


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