F. R. Duplantier Quote

“A liberal's like to be lax
When recommending a tax.
With a glut in his heart
And his brain low a quart,
He will give you
the shirts off our backs.”

~ F. R. Duplantier

Politickles: Limericks Lampooning the Lunatic Left, January 1, 2010

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Bayou Bob, St. Louis

There are hundreds more of these gems at Duplantier's website: politickles.com.

Jason, Moonachie, NJ

F.R. Duplantier needs to get his head out of his ass. People from both political extremes are usually foolish idiots, however far right wingers usually tend to be much more spiteful and malicious. Not only is that a childish attempt at

T.J. Pleindemerde, Weyauwega

Duplantier is the poet laureate of the conservative movement! He makes the case for freedom and responsibility with rhyme and reason.

Donald Muffin, Brockton

Poor Jason! He seems to have a giant inferiority complex, and possibly gender issues.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Right on Jason! His case is more for "freedom from responsibility" than "and"... and Donald is "oh so clever" (NOT!).

Robert, Sarasota

How thanhful you would be if you needed one... I would rather a glut in my heart than a sewer and rather a quart less in my brain than a gallon.

helorat, Milton

Great quote! Why do you socialist/communist statists who believe the government is the solution to all your problems even subscribe to this and come here. Liberty is the solution to the human condition. I noticed how kind the left is, look at how they treat Christians on campus and the people who outed Algore's CO2 hypocrisy. Less spiteful left... what a ludicrous joke. Where is the responsibility of the poor??

Joe, Rochester, MI

Politicians don't care how much or to whom they are giving OUR money because it is not THEIR money. Same with social security, if you want to fix it, get Congress to have what we have instead of the lavish retirement plans they have voted themselves...using our money.

Mike, Norwalk

lol, I like it

Ken, Allyn, WA

Liberals certainly don't like to be mocked. Maybe there's too much truth in the mockery. Say what you will about conservatives, they have a sense of humor.

dad4justice, NEW ZEALAND

A sense of humor is something the looney touchy, touchy, dumb arse liberals don't have. Power to the conservatives with a few clues and cheers from downunder .

E Archer, NYC

LOL. The current Republican party is hardly 'conservative' -- this quote applies to American politics in general -- and for the people who keep voting for money at the expense of their republic.

J Carlton, Calgary

I can't remember who said: Liberals feel a tremendous debt to their fellow man, which they intend to pay with someone else's money...sounds about right. ;-)

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    9/9/13

F. R. Duplantier's poem - Love it. Short, sweet and absolutely point on!

jim k, Austin, Tx

Liberals are easy targets and worthy of sarcasm and they have little sense of humor. Michael Savage was real close when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder.

regan, Nashua

Really, was this a Dr. Seuss reject?

Mike, Norwalk

regan from Nashua, how did you slip into NH. Not particularly a free state project sound bite. Do you happen to be one of those bus drivers that bring all the Boston students up to vote in NH (same day registration) every election? If you are, I may have a photo of you ;-)

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    10/22/18

I truly love this truth poem by F. R. Duplantier!  LOL!

jim k, Austin

Looking at today's democrats with Maxine , Fauxahontas,  Pelosi, Hillary and the gang, the lunatics have truly taken over the party.


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