Florynce Kennedy Quote

“Freedom is like taking a bath -- you have to keep doing it every day!”

~ Florynce Kennedy

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Logan, Memphis, TN

Liberty and freedom are intrinsic, but its application within society is a daily fight.

Mike, Norwalk

Logan, excellent distinction.

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Anon    7/6/09

It keeps the dirt of slavery off one.

jim k, Austin

Or at least once a week on Saturday night.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

The " broad gate " of democracy, leads to destruction by tyranny, Fact. " Washed by the water of the Word of Life." Our Declaration of Independence, keeps one abreast of the Truth. It is best to wash daily, or you start to stink ! This nation needs a real good bath, it stinks bad, of tyranny ! Wisdom gives life to them that have it.


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