Francis BaconFrancis Bacon, (1561-1626) Philosopher, British Lord Chancellor

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“Nay, number itself in armies importeth not much, where the people is of weak courage; for, as Virgil saith, 'It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep be.' ”

Francis BaconFrancis Bacon
~ Francis Bacon

“Of the True Greatness of Kingdoms and Estates,” The Essays or Counsels Civil & Moral of Francis Bacon, p. 129 (1905).

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J Carlton, Calgary

Unless the sheep are armed to the teeth. ;-)

jim k, Austin, Tx

well said, J.

Mike, Norwalk

Carlton, I like it a lot ! Lets hope the sheep have the courage to use such defensive implements. 5 stars for exposing the slave and dictator's formulating base of action. A thumbs down for a fat sheep's norm.

Brooks, Hartwell, Ga.

It is a Muslim wolf that lurks in the bushes, hungry for the USA sheep. When the wolf attacks, it will find that most of the sheep are armed and bite with vigor.


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