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“The end and aim of all education is the development of character.”

~ Francis W. Parker

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"The end and aim of all education is ..."

Today it's making money.

cal, lewisville, tx

That's until JFK started the Department of Education in DC. They seem to want to teach altruism ever since.

Mike, Norwalk

Character is very important and may be developed in an educational setting (formal to informal, etc.) as I have attempted to teach while home schooling. I think separate but equal aims would end with a knowledge of spirit, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, music and physical betterment (to name a few)

E Archer, NYC

Hmm, I don't remember seeing Character 101 in school and that is supposed to be the aim of education? Personally after spending thousands of dollars and one and a half decades in school, I would hope that I got the training and skills I paid for. The inherent dynamic with primary education is that teachers become surrogates for parents -- it's not long after that schools start to assume more authority than what has been chartered. We later find ourselves under the thumb of doctors, lawyers, and bankers with academia conditioning us to accept their hierarchy. Some character these guys have whose rackets keep the uneducated sick, dumb, and poor.


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