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“The greatest and noblest pleasure which men can have in this world is to discover new truths; and the next is to shake off old prejudices.”

~ Frederick the Great

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Mike, Norwalk

often, one in the same

Justin, Elkland

The quote is true, but a little disingenuous coming from an absolute monarch.

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RBESRQ    7/1/10

Five stars for the quote, but Justin does have a point.

Waffler, Smith

For this quote alone he is Great in by book even though an absolute monarch.

cal, lewisville, tx

Don't put him down for being a monarch. Remember that the first democratically elected leader in Germany was good ole Adof Hitler.

Justin, Elkland

I wasn't putting Old Fritz down for being a monarch. I was putting him down for being inconsistent. He chanpioned many of the causes of the Enlightenment but when the rubber hit the road, he still believed that God had given him from birth the authority to rule over the Prussians. At least good ole Adolf's rhetoric was consistent, consistently evil, but consistent.

Kimo, Lahaina

i think some old predijuces are justified, some things will always be true, from another quote on the same day, "look back to your ancestors for the truth Some humans are just sublevel intelligent by birth

Kimo, Lahaina

What do Russies know?/ they lost

E Archer, NYC

It just goes to show that the discovery of truth is an endless process.

Stefan Bach, Berg

The quote is great. It reminds that one should always be willing to experience and learn something new.

Hitler was not elected by the german people. A Chancellor was appointed by the President of Germany and not by an election by the people.
But the President was elected by the people. In the years of 1925 1934 Paul von Hindenburg (conservative) was the President and appointed A.Hitler as Chancellor in 1933.
The NSDAP had never achieved an absolute majority by votes in Germany. The Nazis used instead a a trick (false flag operation -> emergency decree [Enabling Act of 1933]) to enforce their claim of absolute power.
Hindenburg had simply underestimated Hitler. Hindenburg thought he can controll him, but that was a fallacy.

About Prussia:
"Prussia is neither tribe nor race, Prussia is attitude and never mass, Prussia is duty according Immanuel Kant."

"The idea of freedom can never be disassociated from real Prussia. The real Prussian spirit means a synthesis between restraint and freedom, between voluntary subordination and conscientious leadership, between pride in oneself and consideration for others, between rigor and compassion. Unless a balance is kept between these qualities, the Prussian spirit is in danger of degenerating into soulless routine and narrow-minded dogmatism." Generalmajor H.Tresckow, 1943 (German Resistance 'Widerstand')

A human is a human and Prussia is not Russia. Prussia ist Preussen (Berlin - Brandenburg - Silesia).
"The wisest are who read to free themselves from their errors." Frederick II. of Prussia
"The wisest are who read to free themselves from their errors." Frederick II. of Prussia


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