Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek, (1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974

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“[T]he power which a multiple millionaire, who may be my neighbor and perhaps my employer, has over me is very much less than that which the smallest fonctionaire possesses who wields the coercive power of the state and on whose discretion it depends whether and how I am to be allowed to live or to work? And who will deny that a world in which the wealthy are powerful is still a better world than one in which only the already powerful can acquire wealth?”

Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek
~ Friedrich August von Hayek

The Road To Serfdom, P. 115.

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J Carlton, Calgary

The power an employer has over me is one that I can choose to allow...or not. The centralized power of a dictatorial tyranny. You choose which one you'd rather have. Restore the Republic.

Mike, Norwalk

I've been all over the country lately trying to drum up business and the voice of despair is the same everywhere - the government has legislated and taxed business and wealth out of existence. Oh sure, there is still some money out there but it is really, really, really tough. I'll take a couple wealthy individuals that earned it through private endeavors to a Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin and his occupying statist theocracy anytime

Bill, Niles, MI

I have the choice to accept employment or not. (mind you, I DO still have bills to pay) I do NOT have the choice whether or not to pay taxes on my wages or my purchases.

E Archer, NYC

A government bureaucrat is more dangerous than a billionaire -- especially when the People have lost control over their servant government.


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