Gaius Julius CaesarGaius Julius Caesar, (100-44 B.C.) Dictator of the Roman Republic

Gaius Julius Caesar Quote

“All bad precedents began as justifiable measures.”

Gaius Julius CaesarGaius Julius Caesar
~ Gaius Julius Caesar

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Jake, CA
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Jake, CA    3/2/08

its ok..

A.W. Schlaf, Des Moines, IA

This is Caesar being quoted by Sallust, in his account of the conspiracy of Catiline in 62 BC. Here, caesar is arguing against the death penalty for the conspirators. It is found at LI, 27 of that work and the full Latin text is "Omnia mala exempla ex rebus bonis orta sunt;" The full passage reads, in English: "All bad precidents have originated in cases which were good; but when the control of the government falls into the hands of those who are incompetent or bad, your new precident is transferred from those who deserve and merit such punishment to the undeserving and blameless."

Mike, Norwalk

A.W. Schlaf, thanks

jim k, Austin, Tx

The urge to "save" the world is usually a plan to control it.

E Archer, NYC

To consider all the bad precedents that now form the foundation of the American fascist police state, I wouldn't know where to begin. All I know is that nothing short of a complete revolution could clear the slate -- although one never knows where the power will end up, look at the revolutions of France, Russia, China. All the ills of America can be traced to NOT following the ideals upon which it was founded in the Declaration of Independence. If we could start from there again, there may be hope yet.

Ronw13, OR

WWG1WGA MAGA the restoration through soft revolution. votes not bullets. Declarational Constitutionalist. 


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