Georges BernanosGeorges Bernanos, (1888-1948) French author

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“Justice in the hands of the powerful is merely a governing system like any other. Why call it justice? Let us rather call it injustice, but of a sly effective order, based entirely on cruel knowledge of the resistance of the weak, their capacity for pain, humiliation and misery.”

Georges BernanosGeorges Bernanos
~ Georges Bernanos

in Diary of a Country Priest

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E Archer, NYC

When a republic operates like a monarchy, justice is merely the arbitrary will of those in power.

Mike, Norwalk

Having participated in most level of courts, I know of no judges or their courts that are moral, lawful, or act within Constitutional confines. The executive and legislative branches are equally CORRUPT!.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Dead on Archer! I agree with Norwalk.

Bill Bigsby, Rome

I agree with Archer, Norwalk Joe of Rochester.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Mike and Archer said it well.

J Carlton, Calgary

Justice solely in the hands of the powerful is by definition "authoritarian" and will have little or nothing to do with actual "justice". It will resemble a dictatorship very closely though...

cal, Lewisville, Texas

The Golden rule: He who has the gold will make the rules .


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