Gilbert Keith ChestertonGilbert Keith Chesterton, (1874-1936) British essayist, critic, poet, and novelist

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“Any one of the strange laws we suffer is a compromise between a fad and a vested interest.”

Gilbert Keith ChestertonGilbert Keith Chesterton
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox, 1933

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cal, lewisville, tx

True. Federal judges tell us that the Constitution is NOT written in stone.

J Carlton, Calgary

Cap and Raid, Long Gun Registration, Non existent Immigration Enforcement...the complete selling out of the United States under one little law at a time...Our Judicial System needs a major overhaul.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Log on to the Institute for Justice and see how many laws are passed to keep out competition in certain certain busnesses. Most licensing laws are passed for that purpose.

E Archer, NYC

Indeed. 'Law-making' is a racket designed to rig the game in favor of an elite.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; and knowing the fad started as someone's vested interested, we're really in trouble ;-)


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