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“A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil.”

~ Grover Cleveland

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Mike, Norwalk

It is indeed a great sentiment, there is dignity and honor in honest toil. That sentiment is most noble through out all the family of man. That sentiment was truly more part of what made America great than what the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land now practices. So many of the once noble laborers satisfy themselves with scraps (dole, hand outs, etc.) from the theocracy's table, endlessly complaining about how bad it is. Where is the entrepreneur that would tirelessly work alone and/or collaborate with family, friends and church (not depending on bank and government), working hard and endless hours to create a better future for himself and those laborers around him? The theocracy's socialistic dogmas (ideologies, regulations, taxes, etc.) have taken that noble sentiment from many of the hearts and minds of 'We The People' - the noble freeman.

Admittedly, it is getting harder and harder to get or create jobs due to socialistic hypocrites (communist to fascist, progressive to neo-con, democrat to republican, etc.). Out of the socialists mouth they cry equality, fairness and tout accolades about the noble laborer then support labor killing regulations, taxes and dogmas that finance poverty.

Robert Edwards, Somewhere in Europe

That could have been said five thousand years ago and yesterday - though you may have to replace American with Earthly (or Peoples')..... as the sentiment is universal....

Jim K, Austin

I agree with Mike and Robert.

E Archer, NYC

Mike, very well said!! Dignity and honor are the noble supports of the freeman. Our labor is our power. There is no capital without the labor of hunting, foraging, thinking, digging, building -- i.e. WORK. The American ideal, shared with not another single country (except maybe Switzerland), acknowledges that the labors of the individual 'belong' to the individual -- and that the individual is responsible for fulfilling his natural needs and accountable for his actions in doing so. With honor and dignity, people can live this way together, and their cups do runneth over. ;-)

Ronw13, Yachats Or

More can be said about honest toil. Dignity and honor. The opposing theories of economics. And what is a nations wealth. Grover Cleveland in dealing with industrialism had his hands full. But the Stance of our nation was made upon Agrarianism and agrarian laws. Cultivation of the soil " has within it a positive spiritual good ". And from it the cultivator acquires the virtues of " honor, manliness, self reliance, courage, moral integrity, and hospitality. The result from a direct contact with nature and, through nature, a closer relationship with God. The Agrarian is blessed in that he follows the example of God in creating order out of chaos.
Thomas Jefferson was a representative Agrarian, who built Jeffersonian democracy. " Farmers are the most valuable citizens and truest republicans ! The French Physiocrats such as Du Point and others, John Locke and many more sided with, Physoiocracy, from the Greek for ,( Government of Nature ) It is the first well developed Theory of Economics. The Noble laborers fruit is the wealth of a nation. All industrial and non-agricultural labor is " unproductive appendages " to agricultural labor ! The philosophical roots of Agrarianism include European and Chinese philosophers. Placing the farmer above the worth of the merchant !!

E Archer, NYC

Well said, Ron!

Ronw13, Yachats Or

' More over the profit of the world is for all: the king himself is served by the field. " Ecc 5:9. Solomon. And I will add to his sentiment, Not the merchant. ! " Every man also to whom God has given riches and wealth, and has given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God. " Ecc 5:19 king Solomon. Liberty was observed during his reign !


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