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“Conscience is, in most, an anticipation of the opinion of others.”

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Most sublimely, conscience is the instrument of the communication of the promptings of the One Who speaks in a still, small voice.

Mike, Norwalk

Possibly in the world of the collective borg. I like Patrick Henry's read - also, conscience is a portrayal of self: does the action fit the being?

E Archer, NYC

I.E. guilt? If there were no others to have an opinion, do I still have need of conscience? That's just putting on an act.

Ronw13, OR

The sharing of knowledge, "I know nothing by myself." A co-knowledge with one's self, the witness borne to one's conduct by conscience, that faculty by which we apprehend the will of God, as that which is designed to govern our lives. Controlled by the apprehension of God's presence. Suneidesis, Sunoida.


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