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“Too often when we talk about racial healing, we make the old assumption that government can heal the racial divide. … Republicans and Democrats – red, yellow, black and white – have to understand that we must individually, all of us, accept our share of responsibility. … It does not happen by dividing us into racial groups. It does not happen by trying to turn rich against poor or by using the politics of fear. It does not happen by reducing our values to the lowest common denominator. And friends, it does not happen by asking Americans to accept what’s immoral and wrong in the name of tolerance. ”

~ J. C. Watts, Jr.

Feb. 5, 1997

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Al, North Hollywood

4 stars!

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A    8/14/19

Oops. 5!

Mike, Norwalk

ABSOLUTELY ! ! !  We hold this truth to be self evident to those that do not have a politically correct prejudice of blame and shame.  To the conversation, what in reality is racial healing??? Can one heal from their personal color of birth?  Socialists (communist to fascist, progressives to neocons, Democrats to Republicans, etc.) would divide to conquer. Racism, now only by the slightest of indication or definition, has expanded in meaning to include the shaming of those, by whatever degree, speak ill of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's dogma of enslavement.

jim k, Austin

10 Stars if possible.


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