J. D. Salinger Quote

“Morons hate it when you call them a moron.”

~ J. D. Salinger

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Bob, Burlington, VT

The trouble with this is it's an impolite epithet, because ( as I understand it ), psychologists and others of their ilk use the word moron to define a true mental state. It would be like calling a crippled person a cripple. [ Not sure I made it clear, but that's my understanding. ] Might be worth finding the approximate date when "moron" became a true definition: I DO recall using the word when someone didn't "get it." ... but now I'm an 85 year-old "growed up" man and I've "put away" that "childish thing."

jim k, Austin

Does Maxine Waters and Shella Jackson Lee hate being called morons ? That's exactly what they are.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Correction of instruction is the way of life . KJB Some are always hard to admit when teachers are correct ! Never talk down to. But nurture love of the rebellious, they can be the best friend of all !

Mike, Norwalk

Editor, My comments didn't make it to the screen. After I pushed save - it came up as normal but, pulling it up later, there is nothing there. Thanks for all you do and your years of research.


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