J. P. MorganJ. P. Morgan, [John Pierpont Morgan] (1837-1913) American financier and banker

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“A man always has two reasons for what he does -- a good one, and the real one.”

J. P. MorganJ. P. Morgan
~ J. P. Morgan

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J Carlton, Calgary

An amazingly ironic analogy from the man who brought you the Fed and eternal financial slavery. And its true of every political policy.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

He may speak for himself, but not for all.

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RBESRQ    8/6/09

Good point Carlton - bring in the demolition squad. Why is it? is it because the power of the CIA/Corp/military machine, and as was said in yesterday's blog, they are made to watch the "grassy knoll"

Crystal, Pittsburgh

This quote symbolizes the reason behind the choices we make for everyone. Not just the man who said it or the politicians who don't agree with it. :)

Mike, Norwalk

great political observation

E Archer, NYC

In politics, this is the rule.

Ken, Allyn, WA

It must be possible somewhere, sometime that the good reason and the real reason have happened to be the same. I don't know of any with regard to politicians, but it must have happened just by shear chance.

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Anon    4/12/10

Who would know this fact better than anyone?


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