Jacob G. HornbergerJacob G. Hornberger, (1950- ) American author, journalist, politician, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation

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“In the hands of the state, compulsory public education becomes a tool for political control and manipulation -- a prime instrument for the thought police of the society. And precisely because every child passes through the same indoctrination process—learning the same “official history,” the same “civic virtues,” the same lessons of obedience and loyalty to the state -- it becomes extremely difficult for the individual soul to free himself from the straightjacket of the ideology and values the political officials wish to imprint upon the population under its jurisdiction. For the communists, it was the class struggle and obedience to the Party and Comrade Stalin; for the fascists, it was the worship of the nation-state and obedience to the duce; for the Nazis, it was race purity and obedience to the Fuhrer. The content has varied, but the form has remained the same. Through the institution of compulsory state education, the child is to be molded like wax into the shape desired by the state and its educational elite.”

Jacob G. HornbergerJacob G. Hornberger
~ Jacob G. Hornberger

The Nazi Mind-Set in America, The Tyranny Of Gun Control, 58 (Future of Freedom Foundation 1997).

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J Carlton, Calgary

The Department of Education, like the Government itself is not incompetent. Nor is is it misguided. It is doing exactly what it intends to do under the guise of "for the greater good" of the World's Elitist Bankers that is...the new Fascism. End the Fed, Restore the Republic.

jim k, Austin, Tx

After the vote in Wisconsin the NEA is losing members, thank you Wisconsin.

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident. History has proven this absolute over and over again.

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    abby    6/7/12

    "From the rostrum of the United Nations, we shall convince the colonial and semicolonial people to liberate themselves and to spread the Communist theory all over the world." -- Soviet General Pantelei Bondarenko (1902-1985) Soviet intelligence agent, Romanian communist activist 'Gheorghe Pintilie', and the first Director of the Securitate. Source: lecture at the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow, as revealed by Czech intelligence officer defector, Colonel Jan Bukar at Executive Hearings before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Soviet Schedule For War, Congressional Record (1953) just sharing...

    E Archer, NYC

    Brilliantly spoken! Thankfully for some of us, the programming didn't take. It just goes to show that we must continue to learn above and beyond what we are 'taught.'

    Rita, Richland



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