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“Some police chiefs for years have warned that we are “militarizing” our nation’s police. “Smart bombs” are used to enter drug dens. Officers are clad in paramilitary garb including battle helmets. Armored “urban” assault vehicles are tactically utilized on city streets. Cops are trained in military tactics. You cannot train officers in such a manner and then expect them to behave like “Officer Friendly” .... The FBI is an investigatory agency. Originally, they weren’t even armed. Why are lawyers and accountants being transformed into G.I. Joes? When such occurs we come dangerously close to establishing a National Police Force, something not intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.”

~ Police Chief James J. Kouri

Letter To The American Spectator, April, 1996

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Mike Smith, Chase City

That "thin blue line" is supposed to protect citizens against the tiny percentage of society that breaks all standards of law and decency to prey upon them. Good police work has long regarded the alert citizen as the police's eyes and ears. But when the police are increasingly warlike and alien to the community citizens no longer trust them. And, in fact, today they are making themselves into the enemy by enforcing, often in brutal ways, laws seen to be of lesser importance to traditional means of keeping the peace.

cal, lewisville, tx

All hail the mighty federal government which claims it must become stronger in order to protect us from everything except the government itself.

J Carlton, Calgary

We now have so many alphabet gangs running amok we are by definition a Police State. Especially when outfits like BATFE actually participate in criminal activity and get away with it. End the Fed, Restore the Republic.

gtheo, portage,michigan

The "National Police Force(FBI)" has arrived. Try demonstrating against the government, especially at national political conventions, and guess whose calling or knocking at your door. These people are not around to protect us (I doubt they ever were).

Mike, Norwalk

As I've here shown before, police departments were non-existent prior to the war between the States as they were considered a standing army for the purpose of imposing a foreign despot's will. Just prior to said war, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia started the unlawful police state. Today's escalation of the totalitarian tyrant police state has risen to an horrific level, starting to rival the worst that history has to offer.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    7/13/11

We now have local and county police agencies acting as if they are quasi-military and using the term "Multi-Jurisdictional task forces." The term 'Peace Officer" has become latent due to the adoption of "Big Brother" mentality.

Byron, Fort Collins

And the liberal mo-fos want to take away the guns owned by ordinary citizens!!! Hypocritically, several prominent Democrats in Congress pack heat, but they don't advertise it.

Julie, OK
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Julie, OK    7/14/11

The sheriff's dept. is the only law enforcement agency that directly answers to the public as he is an elected official. So why does Hollywood always make the sheriff out to be a bunbling idiot?

Julie, OK
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    Julie, OK    7/14/11

    Oh, I forgot, the Feds and the U.S. Marshall always show up and 'save the day.'...and knock him down to size.

    kimo, usa
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    kimo, usa    7/15/11

    FEMA camps........underground facilities....survielance technonogies......WHO IS in charge.really.WHO? unfortunatally, many of you KNOW what im saying, STAND, WATCH, LISTEN ,LEARN.SEE the truth.many of us started years ago, then the fear of it all, then the relaization we cannot let fear control us, everyone knows, the only ones hwo dont know are asleep.it has come down to do as you are told, and no attitude, or be locked up, or worse, the answer sadly is to stand together, defend the constitution.

    GunnyCee, Durham

    Well, the way I see it is we the citizens brought it all on ourselves. We stood by doing and saying nothing as thousands of people are rounded up and imprisoned for using recreational drugs. All we've done is made better criminals. We didn't say anything when the police actually bombed a "ghetto" in L. A. to get at a particular gang of thugs. As long as it wasn't any of "us" then it was okay for the police to go after the bad guys using "any means necessary." Now, they are coming after our guns (they've already made it almost impossible to buy any weapons that would fend off the ever-growing police state). Have all those millions of soldiers who have died over the years so that we can remain free...have they all died in vain? Believe me, big government is not your friend.

    Dan, Madison

    As we have seen this year with all the police protesting cuts to their "progroms" the protectors are only interested in protecting their growing power. Powers being granted not by consent of the governed but by bureaucrats intent on increasing the unelected status of hirelings.

    Jim k, Austin

    GunnyCee, I like your comments, especially the last sentence.

    Ronw13, Yachats Or

    We, as a people, now live in a very well orchestrated scenario of entrapment. The knee jerk reaction of a moral society to the stigmatizing of a given substance. Trickery, causing the adoption of unjust persecution. " The sky is falling " mentality instilled by fear mongering. Just like the IRS. Police State borne out from a imploding Free Republic duped by socialism, at the point of their gun !

    E Archer, NYC

    Standing military indeed!! Man, there sure are a lot of terrorists disguised as ordinary Americans -- good thing we have the government there to protect us!

    Watch Citizen Four, the documentary about Edward Snowden. The US and British are essentially tapping all digital communications passing through several communications hubs. The are storing everything, not just meta data, but actual content. All cell phone calls, Skype calls, emails, texts -- everything. It is all cached and saved for future querying -- think it as the NSA's own private Googling of anything that has ever passed through their routers. As well, these agencies are trying to get the security keys of every software service so that if need be, they can decrypt whatever they have cached on-the-fly.

    Can't find Hillary's emails? BS! They have them all -- including those sent from any @state.us.gov address, too...


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